New, Comprehensive Canon Lens Experience Through the Eyes of 15 Photography Greats

New, Comprehensive Canon Lens Experience Through the Eyes of 15 Photography Greats

B&H has launched what is easily the most comprehensive platform for understanding Canon glass that we have ever seen: the Canon Lens Experience. Backed by 15 powerhouse photographers including Gregory Heisler, Jeremy Cowart, Jim Wark and Randy Kerr, the new platform lets you get a very in-depth look at lenses, what they do and what images taken with them look like. 

For those just entering into photography, the majority of the site is dedicated to showing how each different lens is.... well... different. You can interact with the site to see what the same scene would look like at 8mm or 200mm. Adjust aperture from f2.8 to f/22. You can even go so far as to see how a tilt will look depending on how dramatically you enable a lens' tilt-shift. For anyone still learning the ropes, the tools here are extremely useful to visualize the nitty-gritty of photography through real-time adjusting imagery.

The photographers featured in the program are as follows (and each has an in-depth story on what they do, what lenses they use and why):

Donna Dotan for architecture

Gregory Heisler for portraiture

Jeremy Cowart for fashion

Jim Wark for aerial

Joe Buissink for wedding

John Kuczala for product

John Tlumacki for photojournalism

Mike Lerner for music

Paul Bowen for air-to-air

Peter R Miller for sports

Peter Tellone for landscape

Ralph Lee Hopkins for wildlife

Randy Kerr for travel

Sasha Gitin for food

Stephen Frink for underwater

Canon and B&H also teamed up to offer a guide to "Everything you need to know about Canon Lenses," an extremely detailed piece that discusses everything from focal lengths and angles of view to lens coatings and floating elements. 

Another helpful tool added to the page is a comprehensive gallery of terms, explaining every word that photographers and manufacturers of lenses use when referring to glass. Even for those of you more seasoned in photography, this is an excellent tool that I highly recommend. Do you know what the "Abbe Number" is? 

Though this is clearly a Canon sponsored site, it doesn't take away from the fact it does offer valuable information. If nothing else, the new page is a solid resource for those who just want a bit more information on what they're getting themselves into, what lenses are best for what they plan to shoot, and how much they are going to be expected to shell out to shoot like the pros. We at Fstoppers get asked very, very frequently what cameras or lenses someone should buy when they're planning on getting started. It's good to know we'll be able to send them to a website that has the ability to show them exactly what they will get with the products they choose to purchase. Hopefully this cuts down on the guesswork and makes everyone feel a bit better about their buying decisions. 

For more on the Canon Lens Experience at B&H, be sure to check out the site

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Matthew Taggart's picture

This is solid. I would have loved something like this when I was starting out.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I'm just glad I finally have a place to send someone when they ask me what they should buy.

Anonymous's picture

AMAZING. Who knew you could use F3.2 on an F4 lens? C'mon guys, if you're going to do this shit, hire a data person to get it right, not some underpaid, underskilled hack.

Justin Haugen's picture

Great interviews none the less.

Thank you all for your kind words. To those who suggested corrections or other edits -- many thanks. They've been implemented. -- Henry Posner / B&H Photo-Video

Justin Haugen's picture

I love to see a brand that connects with its customers and followers. I don't think anyone here expected you to be paying attention to the comments here.

I would love to see this feature expanded on in the future, I enjoyed reading them.