[News] Canon Factory will Replace Human Work with Robots

[News] Canon Factory will Replace Human Work with Robots

Canon has just released the news that their factories will soon transition out some of the human element of their camera production lines and replace them with robots. Due to the rising price of the Yen, many companies in Japan have had to leave the country. Canon has stated that by creating a fully automated system it will cut costs while allowing their technologies and factories to remain in Japan.

 Canon reports that the transition will not cause job loss; all factory workers will be moved to different departments within the organization. The move will hopefully take place by or before 2015.

As a photographer, I personally don't bemoan the change in a few jobs. On the contrary, removing the human element to a factory line can only produce sharper glass and more dependable sensors, right?

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Ven McAndrew's picture

Great! ....cutting costs,  now maybe they'll drop the price on the 5DmkIII? HA!!!!

If only. Cutting costs is the only way they can stay in Japan. But one of the reasons I would want to stay in Japan if I were Canon would be to KEEP people and employ the nation. 

 I might be missing something, but is this really a big deal? I mean haven't electronics been constructed by robots for years?

There are a few other reasons to keep final assembly in Japan, namely protecting IP. Japanese (and some American) companies have learned that shifting assembly of critical parts and technologies to China is a recipe to get knocked off before the product even ships. Witness the Yonguo YN560 rip of the 580EX as an example directly affecting Canon. I mean they copied it down to the die level. 

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I know this happens in the shoe industry as well. Larger companies sharing factories with smaller Chinese companies, as well as Chinese businessmen going to large trade shows and taking pictures - leads to copies being done and sold cheaper then the original, even before it's (the original model) been released. 

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This could be the answer! :-)