[News] Melissa Rodwell's Free DVD Twitter Contest

Melissa Rodwell's highly anticipated DVD, "Fashion Photography Exposed" has started shipping to the hundreds of you who have already pre-ordered. To help get things moving along and to thank her fan for all their support, Melissa has decided to give away the original test/prototype DVD that she has signed in silver pen, making this a one of a kind collector's item.

"You need to send me ONE photograph, not two or three or ten, but ONE photograph depicting one of the 4 elements: Earth, Air, Fire or Water. This is an assignment just like you’d get from a client. It can ONLY be a fashion or beauty image. It can be an image you already took or you can go out and shoot it and send it to me. But it must convey one of the above mentioned elements and it should be a strong image!!"

Entering is Easy:
1. All you have to do to enter is tweet 1 picture @FPblog and use the hashtag #FPDVDContest
You could follow me as well, but that part is optional.
2. Like an assignment from any client, there is a deadline so you have 1 week from today on: December 7th 2011
3. At that time I will announce the winner of the contest, post their picture, and they will be sent the DVD directly from us here in NYC!
So you have ONE week to send me that ONE killer shot to win ONE phenomenal DVD!

via [ContestPage] [Melissa'sTwitter] [DVDSite]

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Nick Viton's picture

but what if i'm not a tweeter?  am i out of luck?

Kenn Tam's picture

I personally don't have anything to do with the contest officially but seeing how it is intended to help generate some exposure for the DVD via Tweets, I'm guessing yes, shit out of luck.

Randy Curtis jr's picture

7 DAYS! aww come on

Travis Harris's picture

Well..  I really love this..  I will give my personal review of the DVD.. I just bought it, and am looking forward to seeing it!  :-)

- Travis

Patrick Hall's picture

You better have bought Peter's Travis!

Ronald Stewart's picture

I have come across that blog before. The dvd seems interesting, definitely something I want to get now. It's gonna be between this and the Peter H. dvd.

Kenn Tam's picture

Having watched both of these DVDs I would have to say you need to get both. ;)
They are totally different animals, offering unique perspectives on wildly differnet subjects from one another.

Ronald Stewart's picture

I would love to get both but the funds wont allow me at the moment. You know how it is, new semester approching, new set a books to save up for :-/ ..

should that be model and fashion like ? sounds like a cool one :)

How do I tweet a picture ? Sorry I never used Twitter before..

I don't get it. She wants us to take a cell phone pic of a model in one of the 4 elements or a pro or semi pro photo with a model then tweet?