Instagram's Latest Weekend Hashtag Project Takes the Last Stab at Targeting Vine

Instagram's Latest Weekend Hashtag Project Takes the Last Stab at Targeting Vine

Having been on Instagram ("IG") for over four years now, it's been incredible to see the evolution from a basic photo taking, filter adding iPhone application to the world's fastest growing social network. Since its purchase by Facebook almost three years ago, IG has fought its way to the top.  IG has added feature after feature, competing directly with other social networks, like Vine, to stay ahead. This weekend, Instagram is taking it's last shot to finish them off and it makes me so very happy!esw3 It boggles the mind to think Vine has become such a powerhouse in the social media realm. My preferred platforms are, in order, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Why is Instagram my favorite? It's simple and has been the fastest and easiest way for me to connect with other like minded creatives from around the world. On the other hand, I find apps like Vine pointless and a waste of my time. Sure Vine is quirky and fun.  I can see the pleasure for the younger teen audiences, but its well past its fifteen minutes of fame. 

Enter Instagram and it's Weekend Hashtag Project. Every Friday Instagram creates a weekend challenge with a specific tag.  People can add their photos and videos for a chance to be featured on their page Monday morning. This weekends tag is #WHPonrepeat. The goal this weekend is to capture creative looping videos using the brand new loop feature. Having almost 60 million followers seeing this post about the tag this weekend it shows me this is their strategic move to push more Vine users over to Instagram for the same effect. 

Could I be reading into this too much? Its possible, but as the largest growing social network I highly doubt this move is a random act and could be Instagram pushing for more control in the fast and always evolving market. 

To check out more and keep up with all the news with Instagram be sure to visit their blog in the link below.

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