Nikon Announces Launch of the "Nikon Image Space"

Nikon Announces Launch of the "Nikon Image Space"

On January 28th, Nikon will launch their new and improved photo sharing and storage site called "Nikon Image Space". According to Nikon's press release the service will offer the ability for photographers to upload, view, organize and share their pictures and videos online and within a very easy to operate interface. Better still, if you're a MyPicturetown user, all of your photos and information will transfer over to the new service!

Some of the primary features are two types of free accounts, the first, available to everyone would have 2GB of storage and the second, available only to verified Nikon camera users, with 20GB of storage. There is also the option for other special accounts. In addition to this the entire site has been overhauled with faster system processing, smother operation and greater collaboration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

You can read the entire press release HERE as well as check out the new Nikon Image Space when it launches on the 28th HERE.

via NikonRumors

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Isn't this just a me-too response to Canon's Project 1709?

but you can only upload images made with Nikon cameras

Considering how many image sharing services already exist I am not sure why they bothered.

And as image storage I really can't see 20gb even being remotely sufficient for anyone beyond the point and shoot market.

Canon lets everybody upload photos - it doesn't matter what camera you've used.