Photographer Trampled to Death After Getting Too Close to a Wild Herd of Elephants While Taking Pictures

Photographer Trampled to Death After Getting Too Close to a Wild Herd of Elephants While Taking Pictures

In what is the eighth trampling death in India’s West Bengal state in a period of just 10 days, a photographer has tragically been killed. It’s reported that the man, a keen photographer, had ventured too close to the elephants, enraging them and ultimately leading to his untimely death.

Asish Shit, 35, was from Howrah, Calcutta, and had approached a wild herd of 12 elephants, which he discovered when exploring forests around the Atadihi area of Sankrail with a friend. He ended up getting too close, which caused the commotion.

Arup Mukherjee, the divisional forest officer in charge, said of the incident:

Shit went to take photographs of some elephants that were roaming in the local forest. He went very close to the elephant that trampled him. He was taken to the Bhangagarh hospital where doctors declared him dead on arrival.

It is the latest in a string of fatal elephant attacks in the area. Before this, a laborer was trampled to death in North Bengal after being cornered by another wild herd. It’s said he was there for work, and was loading a truck when the elephants appeared out of a nearby forest.

In another incident, a singular, enraged elephant stomped a young couple to death as they walked home. 

Lead image: "IMG_1253" by hakonthingstad, licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 

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Poor guy was stomped into a pile of - - - -

"Shit went to take photographs of some elephants..." When will you ever read a line like that again? Poor guy.

"Hey guys, got a picture of an elephant? Please, quick, doesn't matter how it looks."

This is an African elephant.

I think it doesn't really matter which kind of elephant is in the stock photo. It's just a header image.

That level of brilliant, sustained logic would make an image of a kangaroo just as relevant then?

We're on a freaking photography site. Of course it matters what you put in your header image. Come on! Don't you have any professional rigour?

I think a picture of Shit instead of a stock photo of an elephant would be more appropriate.

I learned long ago that expecting any form of quality journalism on this site is only going to make you angry :D

Unfortunately, the actual elephant picture is still somewhere in the 💩 forest.

I wonder when common sense will make a comeback....

Was his camera OK? How about the selfie stick?

I think this is the animal way of saying "You humans have enough of the frickin planet now piss off." This is why longer lens are created.

His name was Asish Shit.... last words were probably his own name.

well shit hit the fan

It is funny that while a man died in a horrible way obviously from,being reckless people here still make fun of his last name or humor the general situation. Others are more worried about the origin of the elephant..A little respect please.

I don't pretend to be a saint by any means. i also though 'what an imbecile' and his name is quite fun obviously BUT, I didn't came here to share my initial thoughts for a 'like'. i just tried to understand and absorb the real sad outcome of this story. He didn't suffered an instant death, he probably had time to think while in great pain about his family, kids perhaps.Obviously at some point he realized he is going to die and that must be terrifying... I am sure his beloved ones think about those things also and they are extremely painful. If you have kids, you will understand.

Bottom line is that humans DO MISTAKES. We do them while driving, playing with electricity around the house, when swimming, doing sports... we all do stupid things. Laughing at someone when he is down is sick and miserable. In this case, this man is not simply injured, he is dead. I really hope you don't find yourselves in this peculiar situation someday.

ps. I am new to this forum and sincerely I would expect some kind of moderation from the owners, specially with this level of audience.

"I really hope you don't find yourselves in this peculiar situation someday."

Amen to that, brother. I am going to think twice before getting close enough to an elephant such it can trample me. I don't ever want to get in a foot race with some animal that is bent on doing me serious damage.

Lots of existing photos of wild elephants, black mambas, or packs of hungry hyenas. My contribution to the photo stock would most likely be negligible, and my overriding objective might be to live another day.

As tragic as this story is, it reminded me of a time long ago when I was employed by a bank where a woman by the name of Suck worked there.When I spoke her last name, she, with a great deal of indignation, informed me that her last name was pronounced SOO...Kay. I, unwisely, replied well FOO..Kay me. It did not go well.