PhotoShelter Releases Results of Industry Survey, Full of Useful Information

PhotoShelter Releases Results of Industry Survey, Full of Useful Information

PhotoShelter regularly releases awesome guides and data they collect from the industry and today's release of The Photographer's Outlook on 2014 is no exception. This guide has insights from over 5700 photographers worldwide on the business goals and challenges they expect this year. They also highlighted the blogs that pros & enthusiasts read to keep up on industry news (of which we are honored to say Fstoppers was listed), plus the photographers they follow for inspiration.

The survey covers Marketing, business tools, website data, revenue generation and social media industry trends as well as a list of the most influential blogs and photographers. This is a great place to look to see where you fit in the big picture and how your actions may be similar or differ from those of your peers.

"The Photographer’s Outlook on 2014 reveals that photographers—professionals and enthusiasts alike—are optimistic about this year and will dedicate time to improve their skills and market their work. Because both enthusiasts and professionals face challenges to find new clients in 2014, they will focus most on increasing their presence online and through word-of-mouth referrals to help improve their chances of getting hired. The good news is that those who pursue photography full-time and those who pursue photography on the side both expect to make more money this year than last from their work.

In other words, photographers are determined to make 2014 their best year yet."

To download a copy of the report for free (which we highly recommend), you can do so here, but you should check out their blog post that summarizes a lot of the information as well.

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