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[Pics] Clones Recreate Photography's Most Recognized Images

Why do anthropomorphized Star Wars action figures produce such great photos? Is it because the plastic 3 and 3/4 inch figurines seem more malleable and emote more than most of the free models you find on ModelMayham or Craigslist? Or is it just the skill and creativity of photographers these days? You may remember my post a couple months back that demonstrated how photography didn't have to be pricey, when we featured Avanaut's (aka Vesa Lehtimäki) captivating Star Wars Lego images in, "Proof that Great Photography has Little to do with your Wallet". Well for 365 days straight David Eger has been shooting his own special brand of Star Wars action figure photography, where clones emulate some of the most memorable, most recognized images in history. How many of these shots can you recognize?

Jonathan Eger of PhotoWeekly: "My brother, David Eger, recently completed his 365 days project in which he took a photograph of Star Wars Clone Troopers every single day for a year. In this post, we take a look back at some of the best photography themed images. For those who are interested, he will be continuing this project on a weekly basis. You can keep up to date by visiting 365daysofclones..."

Troopers atop a Skyscraper

Galloping Trooper

Million Trooper March

The Kiss

Trooper vs Trooper

One Small Step

Death of a Clone Trooper


Vitruvian Trooper

Galactic Gothic

Troopers In Voluptas Mors


via [PhotoWeeklyOnline] [365daysofclones]
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LOL! I like Lewis Hine documentary style and Eadweard Muybridge, The Horse in Motion from Animal Locomotion.  Cool photos.

Absolutely hilarious, I love this series! The Robert Capa and Annie Leibovitz ones are my personal favorites. I don't really see the Yoko Ono - Darth Vader similarities though :)

Matt Fitzgerald's picture

Love this amount of geekery!!!

Mike M's picture

I used to love Star Wars... but this is just lame.