'Star Wars: The New Republic Anthology' Shows What Fan Films Can Bring

“Star Wars” fans around the world are patiently awaiting the arrival of “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens” on December 18. That being said, the hype train has been running full steam ahead since the initial trailer for “The Force Awakens” was released almost 10 months ago. Since the release of “A New Hope” in 1977, “Star Wars” has created a fanatical fan base, with an expansive universe and many stories to be told. Fan films have been a part of that universe for many decades now, and they have gotten so big that “Star Wars” has an entire section of their site with awards dedicated to them.

The fan film that has “Star Wars” fans clamoring for more comes from Eric Demeusy, a lifelong fan. It features the galaxy's most infamous bounty hunter and fan favorite, Boba Fett. On his blog, Demeusy stated, "Boba Fett has always been a favorite character of mine and when I heard about the Boba Fett Anthology film, my mind starting racing with ideas. It's been about 10 years since I made a ‘Star Wars’ film and so naturally I think the itch was there to make something in that universe again." He goes on to talk about the type of movie he would want to see and set out to make a trailer for just that.

While there is no voice-over in the behind-the-scenes video posted above, it's clear that a lot of time and attention to detail went into the making of this fan film. The teaser trailer picked up a lot of traction in the “Star Wars” fan community, and there is an exclusive interview on the Boba Fett Fan Club website. In the interview Demeusy goes into great detail about this fan film and the attention to detail he took in terms of creating a film he thought worthy to live within the “Star Wars” universe.

While the film has been out for a month now, it also appears that RED Cameras are taking notice as well, as the entire short was shot on one. They've went ahead and uploaded it to their official YouTube page. I think it's great to see a fan take such time and dedication to create something they want to see and believe in, and it also helps them hone their craft. Have you seen any fan films that have blown you away, or have you made one yourself?

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Yes this is just perfect ...
Thank you for this !

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Impressive production quality.

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I have to agree on this. It feels like it fits within the cinematic universe of Star Wars....while it's not shot on film. I can let it slide. =D