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How Gnarly Bay Brought 'SPACE' to Life

Gnarly Bay, who I wrote about a few months back, have just released their latest film, “SPACE.” It's a film that explorers the idea of space, but not in the conventional sense. I spoke with Dan over at Gnarly Bay who talked about the inspiration for “SPACE” and how it took almost six years to complete this video, using footage that was shot back in 2009 when he first traveled with a DSLR through New Zealand with his then girlfriend, now wife.

3 Reasons Why the 28mm Is My Go-To Lens

I'll be the first to admit it: As a videographer, I'm a sucker for a prime lens. While I love the versatility of zooms, nothing has forced me to learn more about what I'm doing in the heat of the moment than using primes. However, I always find myself going back to the 28mm prime. It is my go-to lens in many situations and when it's not it's still in my kit always ready to go. There are a few reasons I love my 28mm and I think they may persuade you to give one a go.

How To Record Great Natural Sound In Camera

For many of our readers here, their bread and butter is photography. In the past we've talked about why you should be creating BTS videos of your shoots. Or you could be a one man/woman band that has found themselves on a video shoot by themselves with no dedicated sound person. Our friends over at Story & Heart have put out a great new tutorial from their Academy of Storytellers about how to capture and use great natural sounds.

4 Tips for Getting Your Video Work Seen

There are a lot of videos online, I mean a lot. The two words I hear out of clients that always make me cringe are "viral video." I want you to take a couple of seconds and expunge those words from your vocabulary... great! As many of you know SEO is the driving factor for long form content (such as this article.) Believe it or not, most of the principles that apply here are almost identical for video SEO.

Tips to Understanding Storytelling in Short Form Video

Black Diamond Equipment is known for making top-of-the-line outdoors equipment for skiers, snowboarders, and climbers. Recently, they launched their video series BDTV Season 1, which is going to be compromised of short videos about people who they believe embody their core values. These videos are a great examples of storytelling using short video format and deserve further examination. That way you can apply the same learnings to your own video work.

'Star Wars: The New Republic Anthology' Shows What Fan Films Can Bring

“Star Wars” fans around the world are patiently awaiting the arrival of “Star Wars: Episode VII The Force Awakens” on December 18. That being said, the hype train has been running full steam ahead since the initial trailer for “The Force Awakens” was released almost 10 months ago. Since the release of “A New Hope” in 1977, “Star Wars” has created a fanatical fan base, with an expansive universe and many stories to be told. Fan films have been a part of that universe for many decades now, and they have gotten so big that “Star Wars” has an entire section of their site with awards dedicated to them.

Photography Company Tricks Customers into Paying $10,000 for Family Photos

Lifestyle Photographers Pty. Ltd. have found themselves in hot water with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC.) Lifestyle Photographers Pty. Ltd. could face up to $1.1 million in fines if the allegations of targeting and tricking Aboriginal consumers into paying up to $10,000 for family photos hold up.

Creating Killer Transitions In Your Videos

Transitions in videos are vital; it can enhance the viewing experience or completely pull you out of the element. Many new filmmakers wrestle with creating transitions that aren’t jump cuts or fades.Sometimes they don't even know if they should preplan their transitions or just go with the flow. Story & Heart recently partnered with Vimeo and filmmaker Matty Brown to talk about how he builds his unique transitions.

Follow Who You Are and Recognize Your Weaknesses as a Photographer

As photographers we are constantly learning. It's how we get better at our craft, to say we are always learning is an understatement. Everyone I know in the field is always looking up how to do something better or more efficiently. People tend to start to see these when they try to transition mediums, be it from photo to video, and they begin to realize they have to learn things from the ground up. As photographers we tend to stick with what we know we are good at, but how do we go about identifying our weaknesses and improve on them?

Agree: A New Way to Track Contracts and Payments for Your Photography Business

Keeping track of contracts and payments can be somewhat cumbersome. If you're like me, sometimes you want to write everything down and have an excel spreadsheet just to double check everything. Along with that there is a neatly organized folder on your hard drive, external, and hard copied in a cabinet somewhere. Agree wants to eliminate a majority of the hassle we experience in our day to day when talking to clients.

Why You Should Consider Working Out of a Shared Space with Other Creatives

As artists and creatives we thrive off of energy, at least I know I do. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies and talk ourselves out projects we want to do, want to come back to, or have almost given up on. I've been on this end of the spectrum, holed up in my editing bay whacking my head against the wall on my third cup of coffee. When there is no one around to talk through the details of a project, it can start to become extremely daunting. This is why working out of shared spaces can be a life saver for some creatives, like myself. Let's take a look at what benefits come with working in a shared space.

Avoid Tripping a Breaker On Your Next Shoot

We've all done it, be it blow drying our hair or plugging too many things into one socket. At some point in your life you've tripped a breaker. Now, imagine doing just that but you're in the middle of a shoot. Not only does it throw off your entire shoot, but it's embarrassing and can make you look unprofessional. Thankfully our friends over at Story & Heart have put together a helpful infographic to avoid this exact scenario.

NASA's Stunning New Images of Pluto After a 3 Billion Mile Journey - Updated

NASA New Horizons spacecraft has officially arrived at Pluto and the Kuiper belt after a decade in space. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden stated, "Once again we have achieved a historic first. The United States is the first nation to reach Pluto, and with this mission has completed the initial survey of our solar system, a remarkable accomplishment that no other nation can match." Accomplishments aside, these are the clearest images we have ever seen of Pluto.

Hillary Clinton Uses Rope to Wrangle Photographers

Hillary Clinton has taken the web by storm again. This time it's not because of a new policy she is using on the road, but rather the new "innovation" she and her political team came up with to herd the press around. At the Independence Day parade in Gorman, New Hampshire, the press and photographers were lead along the parade route by two aides carrying rope that nobody was allowed to pass.

Creating a Video Setup Checklist

As video becomes more widely adopted by companies, it's clear that you may be approached to shoot video. However, when it comes to shooting video there are a lot of rules, some similar to photography, to keep in mind. Setting up a check list is the best way to make sure your video shoots go off without a hitch.

A Beginners Guide to Speed Ramping

A few weeks back I spoke about one of the advantages of mobile videographer. One of the key features I highlighted was the ability to shoot in slo-motion in 720p on most mobile devices. Let's not forget other DSLR's and video cameras that are able to shoot slo-mo in even higher resolutions.

The biggest question now is how do you go about utilizing the footage you've shot for yourself or a client? There are a variety of techniques we as filmmakers and videographers can use. One of the being speed ramping, which is when you use varying frame rates in a video to bring...

Advice for Recent Undergraduates

It's been a month since most undergraduates walked across the stage and received their diplomas. The glow is still there as summer ramps up, but will soon wear off as August approaches and they realize they will not be moving back to the alma mater. With summer in high gear let's take a look at what recent undergraduates can do to make sure they are successful moving forward.

Google and GoPro Jump into Virtual Reality

Google has announced Jump at their 2015 I/O conference, a new 360-degree virtual reality platform that will be launching this summer. Google's hope is to make virtual reality more accessible. Jump will use raw video footage to assemble a 3D virtual reality space. It's aiming to be the premiere workflow for assembling virtual reality worlds.

The Rise of Mobile Videography

When audiences at the Sundance Film Festival were told that "Tangerine" was filmed entirely on an iPhone 5S, people were not sure if they believed it. It soon became clear that this was a fact, and that mobile videography had reached a new plateau in the film world.

InstaMeets and Why You Should Attend One

One of the great things that Instagram does is bring the social of social media to life. Known amongst the Instagram community as InstaMeets, these real life meetup groups promote a collaborative and inspiring atmosphere for attendees. InstaMeets are held worldwide and Instagram holds an annual World Wide InstaMeet every year, with this year's meet culminating in 124,141 photos as of this post. Users are encourage to hold their own InstaMeets, and Instagram has an entire page dedicated community page for them. So what's all the fuss about? Let's look at five reasons you should attend an InstaMeet.