Google and GoPro Jump into Virtual Reality

Google and GoPro Jump into Virtual Reality

Google has announced Jump at their 2015 I/O conference, a new 360-degree virtual reality platform that will be launching this summer. Google's hope is to make virtual reality more accessible. Jump will use raw video footage to assemble a 3D virtual reality space. It's aiming to be the premiere workflow for assembling virtual reality worlds.

In order to bring these worlds to life, Google has partnered with GoPro who has made the first Jump compatible camera. GoPro is calling this camera the 360-Degree Camera Array, and will link 16 GoPro HERO4 devices together. This will allow the camera array to capture and record the world around the operator simultaneously. Once recorded, one can bring their footage into the assembler in order to bring their world to life.

There is no word on how much the 360-Degree Camera Array will cost, but Google and GoPro said there will be an update in July. Google annouced that Jump videos will be viewable on YouTube this summer, so you can watch them on the Internet. It's also expected that the videos will be viewable on Google Cardboard as well.

Have you dabbled in virtual reality videos? If so, what's been the biggest challenges creating them? Do you think Jump will make it easier?

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