[Pics] Positively Glowing: Creative Photography Isn't Dead

You have to take a look at these amazing shots by Christopher Bucklow. Yes, I said, "have to", as in you don't have a choice. This unique concept is proof that creative photography isn't dead. See the shots and read how he pulled them off in the full post.

From Danziger Gallery: "Bucklow begins by projecting the shadow of his sitter on a large sheet of aluminum foil and tracing its outline. He then makes about twenty thousand small pinholes in the foil silhouette (one for each day of the average human lifespan). Using a contraption of his own device that places the foil over a large sheet of photographic paper, Bucklow wheels his homemade 'camera' out into daylight and pulls the 'shutter' to briefly expose the paper to direct sunlight. Thus each finished picture becomes a kind of photogram silhouette composed of thousands of pinhole photographs of the sun. The intensity of light on a given day and the length of exposure create unique color variations on how the resulting piece appears."

via [MyModernMet]
From Kenn:
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Awesome creativity - and a lot of work :)

Magnificent. I'm working on something with similar results using an entirely different technique, but seeing his process and the results blows me away. Well done.