PSA: Save Money on Your Adobe Subscription With Less Than 5 Minutes of Your Time

PSA: Save Money on Your Adobe Subscription With Less Than 5 Minutes of Your Time

During the next few months, we all may need to tighten our budget a little to get by. Luckily, there's a quick and legitimate way to save money on your Adobe subscription and keep using the same products you had before.

I know I may not be the only person with little to no work currently due to these unprecedented times. Unfortunately, there's no way to stop all of the bills from coming at the end of the month. Luckily, with Adobe, there's a quick and simple way to get two months of your subscription for free.

Step By Step Process

  • Visit and sign in to your account
  • Click your profile on the top right and go to View Account. You should see the link to cancel your plan on the right side. Click it.
  • Go through the cancellation process until you get to the offers section. You should see this in the dotted timeline towards the top of the page.
  • In offers, you should see in the left column the ability to accept an offer for two months free. All you have to do is click accept and you're done.

It's really that simple, and hopefully will save you from one of the many headaches these next few months may bring. I hope you're all able to make the best of it. If you're looking for more things to do, feel free to check out What Can Photographers Do During This Coronavirus Downtime?

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brad Simonsen's picture

Great tip! I just did this, took 30 seconds!

Mark Colangelo's picture

Rarest Adobe episode yet...

wesjones's picture

No matter how you spin this, it's just plain stealing.

davidlovephotog's picture

Cool, goes hand in hand with their just plain lying. The subscription model selling point was so they could release new features on a regular basis and that does not happen. Minor updates and bug fixes for untested releases. $52 a month forever (until they jack up the price again.) Think about how many times we will pay for the same products.

The real reason for the subscription model is that Adobe is at the end of their development innovation with these products and knows nobody would pay for a new version if still being sold in a box.

davidlovephotog's picture

This isn't sticks and stones, this is corporate greed and deception to a loyal customer base. They are lucky everyone hasn't just decided to download hacked versions and skip the monthly bill. Doubt they'd be bragging about those annual earnings then.

brad Simonsen's picture

I see your point, but if they offer then I'm going to take it. They offered. If you offer me $20 and I take it then I didn't steal it from you, even if some guy down the street told me you would offer it to me.

Matt Williams's picture

how is taking an OFFER stealing? Especially right now. Adobe is offering free subscriptions to people right now anyway.

Matt Williams's picture

I really don't find comparisons between individuals and big corporations to be legitimate analogies. Pretty hard for me to shed a tear for the giant company that I've given $10 a month ($60 a month before I switched from Premiere to Da Vinci) to for years over $20.

And, like I said, Adobe is offering free subscriptions right now to some people because of the pandemic.

Matt Williams's picture

Fair enough. Thanks for the polite discussion.

Tony Clark's picture

Thank you, I encourage everyone to do it. After buying every version of Photoshop since '94, I hate the subscription model and feel like I've paid for it 10x over.

g coll's picture

There is no cheating the system here.

Tony Clark's picture

I think of it this way, if a restaurant has a customer that's been a regular for 26 years, I suspect they'd comp him a little something from time to time.

Tony Clark's picture

You clearly haven't worked in the Restaurant Industry, I did and guests were shameless about asking for something.

Blake Davenport's picture

Good God William, it's an offer from Adobe to help with the pandemic so that nobody has to worry about extra costs other than food and medicine.

Johan Doornenbal's picture

This isn’t because of the pandemic, this is a long-known scam that has just gone viral recently. They also don’t offer it to everyone, and some people have had it cancel their subscription and have had to deal with customer service to try to get their account running again. The offers vary from nothing (or a penalty fee) to three months, depending on a number of factors including your plan tier and the amount of time you’ve been with Adobe. Some people wind up with a higher monthly payment afterwards as well. As with all scams, YMMV. I would be concerned that posting this may open Fstoppers up to litigation, and am disappointed that you would stoop to such levels as to encourage theft of services by false pretenses, and especially to call it a "legitimate" method.

Mike Reilly's picture

Doing this on the Canadian Adobe website earned me an account cancellation. Luckily, I don't use my suites often. I'll let my account run out and see if they have any offers for me then.

davidlovephotog's picture

Saw this pic on your profile but was also on another profile deleted in 2018. That you?

Christian Hofmann's picture

Thanks, worked for me too

Warwick Cairns's picture

Just done it - thank you!

Denis Jobst's picture

Thanks David for that hint. I had an even better offer, maybe some of you will have it also. Take a look at the other offers, I had there 29,99 € instead of 49,99 € excl. tax for one year, so I save 240,- € in total after one year instead 100,- €

But thanks, without you I never would have test it. :)

GI PAMPERIEN's picture

what's the chance they'll use this to up the price for the subscription at the end of the new trial?

David Justice's picture

Doubtful. This has been a deal since before the virus. Has nothing to do with it. I wanted to bring attention to it because chances are most of us on here are being affected by this pandemic and this might be able to help those who need it. Myself included.

Daniel L Miller's picture

In the last two weeks I've lost every damn client I had, including a long term hospitality client with 30+ hotels. It appears I have no revenue for at least 90 days.

Some of you may call this "cheating" or "stealing" but it's a real offer for a real problem (users cancelling their subscriptions).

Michael Brinker's picture

Easy and 60 days free!

Thomas Andlauer's picture

Nice ! Thanks for the tip !!!