Sony Launches $1 Million 'Create Action' Initiative to Serve Local Nonprofits

It's easy for large companies to donate a handful of cash to a worthy cause and call it a day. And although that money will be put to good work, sometimes, these non-profit organizations need more than just a few extra dollars. Because of that, Sony aims to do quite a bit more with their new "Create Action" initiative. 

To start things off, Sony is looking to award 10 grants to 10 eligible organizations. In order to be eligible, the nonprofit must be 501(c)(3) with less than $500k in annual operating revenue for 2019 and 2020. Sony also aims to have an emphasis on organizations that are youth-focused (though not a specific requirement). Sony believes that these organizations have a greater potential to shape people's futures. So, they are looking for nonprofits that specialize in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics), academic enrichment, workforce development, community and civic engagement, and other applicable areas. 

While Sony is set to donate $50k cash to each winner, they are also going to do so much more. For one, they are going to donate $50k in Sony gear along with a short film promoting the organization's mission and efforts. This film will not only be custom-made, but it will also be produced by a team of Sony-affiliated creators. This will ensure that these organizations don't have to worry about hoping for a high-quality filmmaker to volunteer or be fearful that their message is lost due to the hands of a low-end budget-friendly creator. 

In addition to cash, gear, and talent, Sony is also providing the organizations with their brand and network in order to help raise awareness and spread the message. Sony will also be supplying additional opportunities for future collaborations as well and access to the Sony Electronics extended network of corporate partners. 

Sony’s main purpose is to "Fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and
technology," said Neal Manowitz, President and COO of Sony Electronics Inc. “CREATE ACTION is
designed to support this purpose. It is a program that summons the power of Sony – including funding, product, creative resources, and accessibility – to expand the impact and influence of local organizations that are creating a tremendous positive impact in their community."

The program is officially open and ready to accept applications now through March 29, 2022. So, if you know a worthy organization, make sure to help pass on the details. 

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