Street Photographer Vivian Cherry Dies at 98

Street Photographer Vivian Cherry Dies at 98

News recently broke that a legendary street photographer, Vivian Cherry, has passed away. Take some time to review her work and her artistic approach, as her decades of experience could benefit any photographer.

Vivian Cherry took up photography after a knee injury halted her dance career some 70 years ago in New York City. She began capturing gritty black-and-white images throughout the 1940s and '50s, many of which depicted children playing in various public settings.

Cherry continued her street photography practice even toward the end of her life. Her last gallery opening, titled "Helluva Town," was held in June of 2018 at Daniel Cooney Fine Art.

Cherry took a candid approach to most of her work, capturing fleeting moments in a style that was both voyeuristic and journalistically true. She observed that once a subject spots a camera, a photographer must "be very fast, you have to look at their expressions and their backgrounds and your exposure. They all have to come together instantly.”

You can read the full story here on The New York Times, along with images of her work.

Studying the legacy of Vivian's work, what ideas and emotions do they elicit in you? Feel free to share comments below.

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This one is a classic, magically draws you into the scene.