Thieves Steal Equipment Worth Over $100,000 From LA Studio, Caught on Clear CCTV

One Los Angeles studio suffered a break-in over the weekend, with over $100,000 worth of gear being taken in a time period of just 6 minutes. Unfortunately for the thieves, CCTV caught clear images of their faces, which the studio owner is now using to try and identify them.

Studio owner Peter Cote is also a director and cinematographer. Speaking to PetaPixel, he said that security cameras within the building showed two male suspects. They first entered the building by keying in the code, before using a crowbar to get into Cote’s studio. At writing, it’s unknown how they acquired the front door code.

Cote explained that the building is a “warehouse-type” in south-central LA. It houses creatives of all kinds — musicians, filmmakers, furniture builders, etc. He said:

They took a Phantom Flex4K (serial #20089), which had a 2TB CineMag in it (serial #20090). They also took a Sony a7R II and a bunch of Canon and Sigma DSLR lenses, which varied from vintage FD lenses to modern prime lenses. I’m still figuring out what all is missing.

Review the two videos of footage for yourself. Can you identify the men involved? If so, please contact the Newton station of the Los Angeles Police Department.


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They probably want the Flex to film things in slow motion HD.

...and the FD lenses to get some old school gangsta rendering...

Sounds like they were tipped off. What I'm wondering is how they're planning to offload high end equipment like that. It's not like you can throw it on ebay or craigslist...

they sell it all for about 1k dollars, thats how

Looks like the picked the wrong place ! A cinematographer of all people ! Not very well planned.

Offer a reward and their buddies will drop a dime ASAP. Notice the guy adjusting his hair as he primped for the camera, so funny.

Ha, suckers. Love the way he fumbles through the door trailing 15 kilometres cable.

Like many people I'm disturbed by how much we're under video surveillance but in this case, good one.

Gilbert is such an idiot! He wore his own basketball jersey to the heist!

Possibly an inside job. These are specialist items and you can't just simply throw it on e-Bay. They also knew the code and what items to steal.

They look so calm and unconcerned :s

I read this yesterday and then saw Peter Hurley had his studio broken into. Damn, hide yo gear folks they comin for it

The same happened in my household recently

6 minutes? That's insane. It's great that it was all captured with the cameras, and I'm sure it won't take long to find these thieves. News like that actually made me buy a security system from ajax and install it in my place because I definitely don't want to deal with robbers, and even though it's more reasonable to install in a store, the number of house robberies is pretty high as well.