TikTok Star Accused of Exploiting Black Lives Matter Movement with 'Disgusting' Photoshoot

TikTok Star Accused of Exploiting Black Lives Matter Movement with 'Disgusting' Photoshoot

The TikTok photographer who recently interrupted a wedding photoshoot has been accused of capitalizing on the Black Lives Matter movement, exploiting the current unrest and shouting out his sponsor along the way.

You might recall that TikTok star Alex Stemplewski — who has 8.4 million followers — recently sparked controversy by interrupting a couple’s wedding photoshoot so that he could grab a snap in line with the slogan on his TikTok profile: “I make strangers famous.”

In the video that has just sparked anger and frustration on social media, Stemplewski approaches two strangers — one black and one white — and asks them to stage a series of photographs for him.


The results were then posted to his Instagram:

The response on Twitter has been highly critical of Stemplewski’s video, with many complaining that it is exploitative and demeaning. “This ain’t fun and games dog,” wrote one commentator. “This man is legitimately trying to capitalize off what we are going through.”

“Using black people's misfortune as an excuse to make weirdo content then passing it off as raising awareness,” wrote another

Stemplewski took time to credit one of his sponsors for providing him with the smoke bomb, drawing further anger.

Stemplewski's Instagram profile includes a link to list of charities and organizations supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Anyone donating to these organizations can send Stemplewski a copy of the receipt and he will match the donation with credit that can be used to purchase products from his website.

The lead image uses a photograph by Vinicius Altava.

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Andy Day is a British photographer and writer living in France. He began photographing parkour in 2003 and has been doing weird things in the city and elsewhere ever since. He's addicted to climbing and owns a fairly useless dog. He has an MA in Sociology & Photography which often makes him ponder what all of this really means.

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"Anyone donating to these organizations can send Stemplewski a copy of the receipt and he will match the donation with credit that can be used to purchase products from his website."



Everyone has the platform that very few should.

Andy Day flagged for very low quality content. This website content quality is going so down lately... Andy find a real topic, because if you're going to point out unsavory things made by tiktokers or instagrammers, you're not finisshed, and if you do that here, it's going to be unbearable.

Disgusting? maybe. You surely shouldn't publicitize thios content creator.

And I am sorry Andy but the one taking advantage of the movement is YOU here, digging up mild crap for your own exposure. This isn't the right tribune to do this and also we don't care what idiots do. Don't put them in the sunlight. They make mistakes, we don't care.

Someone wise once wrote: "don’t use their terminology, don’t name individuals more than once and never in a headline (individuals love notoriety), don’t quote them directly, and never assume that readers are already fully aware of how their beliefs are shaped by hatred and violence."

How can you write that and just now EMBED THE CONTENT that you're judging "Disgusting"? TWICE! And you almost frigging cite his name on every sentence !

fstoppers, please do something, your authors are becoming a bunch a whiners and attention seekers, your RSS looks bad more and more.

Well look at this bucket of sunshine. So glad i woke up this morning.

Baby Groucho Marx is a very funny picture in my head! A baby with a mustache and cigar! Very funny. You made he laugh out loud (my niece said that is call LOLd). I am so happy to see you make a joke, Mr. Bros! Much better than the other mean things you say.

Also see my post below for my older questions for you. Thanks!

With love.

I actually preferred Chico myself, or Harpo. Groucho was never my favorite.

Never heard that one.

Harpo looked like a baby sometimes with his curls! Very funny!

"Leftists are such shallow schoolyard bullies at heart, always resorting to juvenile (or sexist, racist, religiously bigoted) ad hominem insults, and cry like the spoiled child denied about “incivility” if others dare return the favor." - Bernie Bros, May 8, 2020


Wow, another asshole as bad as the guy Andy wrote about, class act, truly...

"For anyone that is able and chooses to donate in any of the funds in the BLM link in my bio (or in the last slide of this post), you may DM me a receipt of your donation and I will match it with credit for you to spend on my photography website to make any purchase you want.
This will only get better with your help."

scumbag move

I find in life it's always better to give a person the benefit of the doubt. Here, the implication seems to be that his intention was to exploit the cause for profit. None of us can claim to know his intention, but my experience is that most people in situations like this mean well and just execute poorly.

Maybe you could provide some information about how the community can support the cause? Highlighting a misstep like this could intimidate others into not acting out of fear that their good intentions could be misinterpreted.

hahaha hypocrite much?

He staged a photoshoot and utilized BLM organizations to drive people to his store.

How else can that be interpreted? Not a rhetorical question.

Hello Mr. Bros,

The Bureau of Land Management is a very fine organization that my nephew works for. They are good people who work hard to make America public spaces clean and safe for ALL people! Do not besmirched BLM and call their police pigs with wings”.

You are a very angry and mean man who needs to find Jesus and love. I want to help!

Also: when do you plan to answer all of my questions from other posts? I am still waiting. If it helps, I can copy-paste my questions whenever you say something new to help you keep track. Just to make it easier for you!


I do believe we’ve found a white supremacist in our midst...

You’re talking about Tony Northrup, someone I wouldn’t believe if they told me rain was wet, nor respect, don’t bother with him.

This is the same guy who busts in on other peoples photoshoots claiming his celebrity "for his youtube/tiktok channel" and has even pushed his way into a PAID WEDDING PHOTOSHOOT because he's a narcissistic egomaniac douche. I don't care about any of the "quality" of his work when the quality of his person is so absolutely low.

Haha coming from a public person like you, this would be incredibly funny if not on such a serious topic.

"I MUST NOT act as though I am entitled to create these images. I will ask permission to photograph, post, and respect the wishes of my subjects without ego or resistance. I will not watermark or seek credit. I am doing this for the historical value, not for clout or fame."

"I MUST critically examine my content before posting, taking time to settle and digest before sending images out into the world without considering their impact.


He is a disgrace to SF photographers.

Not only
Hes a scumbag

Should we even considered something as disgusting as tiktok itself in this forum?

This a-hole is F’ing human scum,

Full stop.

Talk about being totally inept and ignorant of the situation and this a-hole’s act, wow...