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Top Photography Headlines Of The Week

With the massive amount of blogs and media outlets pushing out content each and every hour of the day, it is easy to miss something that might be of some significance.

Today I am testing out a a new post and seeing if it sticks. Below are some of the best links that you might have been missed. The posts range from Must Reads to Photoshop Tuts to Inspiration. I just started kicking the tires on this idea so it's new and open to suggestions. It would be great to hear thoughts and comments on this type of post and find out if it is something that you would keep checking back in on each week here at Fstoppers.com.

Need To Read

  • Photographing The Unspeakable - Andrea Gjestvang's Portraits of Norway's July 22nd Survivors - From Feature Shot
  • Photojournalism's Suicide - From Thoughts of a Bohemian
  • Landscape Photographer Edward Burtynsky Explores Another Endangered Resource: Water - From PDNPulse
  • Cop Who Arrested Times Photographer Faces Seven Years In Prison - From New York Magazine
  • A Show Of Strength By Middle Eastern Women Photographers - From New York Times Lens Blog

Photoshop & Retouching

  • Colorizing The March On Washington - From NPR
  • Samurai Girl Composite: Behind the Scenes Post Production Walk Through - From Digital Photography School


  • Create Your "Visual Calling Card" - From Lindsay Adler and Sigma
  • Abelardo Morell's camera-less photographs, inspired by 19th-century camera-less techniques - From Aperture Foundation
  • Stunning Timelapse Of Yosemite - From Time
  • An Underground Photography Mission - From Rueters
  • Behold The Face Of Funny Portraits Of Today's Comic Geniuses - From Fast Company


  • ParaShoot 2.0 - Wearable Smart HD Camera - From Kickstarter


  • Discussing The Delicate Balance Of Sharing & Selling Your Images - From PhotoShelter
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Zach Sutton's picture

This is great Aaron.

Keep doing this weekly :-)

Aaron Lindberg's picture

Thanks Zach

Andreas Fernandez's picture

Brilliant idea! Thank you very much!

Andy Johnson's picture

Great idea Aaron, I would read this sort of post weekly if it kept happening.

RLJSlick's picture

I love the idea.

Derrick Sam Alexander Oommen's picture

The articles could have a small photo inset as it is a photography news bulletin ....

sikdave's picture

More of this weekly thing would be great.

Lorenzo P's picture

Aaron you are the man for posting such great material, Can I give you a hug man lol