Use Your Model's Skin as a Backdrop

I've been wanting to buy a projector for years. Thanks to a post by Kevin Chung of MyModernMet, I may just have the excuse I've needed to invest in one. Numéro commissioned photographer Charles Guo and stylist Shao Jia for their June issue, which featured luxury brand Rolex, Dior, Louis Vuitton and Chanel watches, superimposed on the nude silhouette of model extraordinaire, Alina.



via [MyModernMet]

From Kenn:
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Jose Cusati's picture

very nice post.. love this idea.. but i would like to know what kind of projector do i need? the ansilum value?
i tried once also to do something like that but it never had this contrast!
or can it be that the projected picture with the watches are wir a dark background?

what do you think.. how was this made?
cheers jose

Wonderful! I would say that a good way to do this would be projecting diapositives since they offer high resolution or a digital cinema projector but those are very pricy. to try this at home, you should get the best out of it using the dia projector :)

I highly doubt these images aren't super retouched.  The projector will throw a ton of light so my guess is that these are shot with no light source, then the projector broadcasting the image, then masked.....

Russell's picture

I'm pretty sure you're right about that Keen.  Having a base layer of the model without the projected image would allow you to clean up most of light spill.

Cool. I've tried this with my old slide projector years ago and been wanting to repeat it but haven't found the time. Your post just reminded me to get back to beeing creative once in awhile.

I've been shooting something similar for the past 14 years. But its projecting a models face from a previous shoot the same models body. Its a fun personal  project, Let me know what you think.

Damon L. Thomas's picture

Cool images. Love the shot with the model making the "shhhh" gesture on the image as well as the projected image.

luis nieto briceño's picture

Nice work, very creative...I Like it even more than this post. 11 and 12 my fav!  congrats

Seshan's picture

It's like the beginning credits from Jame Bond From Russia with Love, the do a simular thing with projecting the credits on bodys of dancers.

Maayan Ziv's picture

Gucci did something similar for their recent Fall 2011 campaign. Projecting images of models onto models themselves. For video and still images:

Kenn Tam's picture

You, me, we gotta talk.  I sent you a message via your contact form. :)

Nick West's picture

Just checked out your site Maayan, you have some awesome work!

Keen Imagery i am a professional retoucher i am sure this projection is real

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