[Video] A Free 2 Hour Introduction to Studio Lighting

A free two hour video on the basics of studio lighting, with photographer Joey Quintero. I haven't personally sat down and watched this yet so I can't really tell you how comprehensive this is but I'm sure seasoned shooters will enjoy comparing notes and beginners will pick up a lot. Give this video some attention and let us know what you think in the comments.

via [PetaPixel]
From Kenn:
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awerllow's picture

Loved it! This guy is thorough but not too technical. He explains stuff in detail without saying too much. I would definitely pay to see a more advanced lighting session by this guy. 

James's picture

It never stops to amaze me how people within the
media industry have some of the shittiest videos
out there ... 

Look at this guys for instance... B&H have all the
gear and all the money to produce a really good
quality vid, yet they end up with a video that my
5 year old niece could have shot while making
a puzzle ...

A lot of people will 'close tab' as soon as they
see the first images because people expect
someone who knows about lighting and
photography to have a good looking video, or
at least lit up properly ... 

Similar examples:

The skinny chef
The misogynistic father
The antisocial PR

Might not necessarily be 'right' but it's most
definitely true

Gus Munoz's picture

True ! 

The video and especially the sound quality is dated and does get annoying having to work out what the students questions are at times. As you said, B&H have all the gear needed to create a video tutorial like this so why not use it ? Even if Joey were to do the video on his own and didn't have video gear, you would expect someone of his level to take the time and hire the proper video gear. After all, he does mention this several times himself !Initially the video has some good entry level advise and examples.

Veldask Krofkomanov's picture

Time is money, bro. If you're producing something for free, you're not making anything to compensate for that time. Why spend time making it look "pretty" when you're providing knowledge to others as a gift on your own behalf. What is with all the unappreciative and selfish people on this website lately. You paid absolutely $0 for this, this is all free information and knowledge that someone took their own time in doing.

Maybe, just maybe, if you bought some educational videos then you'd have a right to complain. But even then, you're paying for information, not for how well something looks. If what you want is something pretty, go buy a DVD showcasing Yosemite National Park or something.

As the young ones say these days....shaking my damn head.

Travis Cosentino's picture

Wells said!

Patrick Hall's picture

while I haven't watched this whole video, I don't think you should ever expect amazing production value for free education especially in a lecture type setting.  We've always been super thankful for all the hard work the guys over at BH have done and it's amazing that they are filming these lectures at all and sharing them with a larger audience.  

If you don't like Joey's images that is fine but don't knock free education.  Bring something useful to the conversation so other's can gain insight you might have as well.

Roman Kazmierczak's picture

 I am thankful for free education... but more I know, more equipment I need, so... I spend more... in B&H...
Well, this video is a form of marketing, very smart and well done, but marketing ;)

Sean Shimmel's picture

Hmmmm.... my vote?

Low-fi bliss. 

It's really good. Don't miss out.

Anonymous's picture

I think you'll find it's dark because he's using a projector and you'd not see it if it was lit "properly". But there are probably betters ways around it than that.

The one thing that is annoying though, is the fact that the audience wasn't mic'd so you can't hear what they were asking.

awerllow's picture

 Exactly.... To me, I can clearly see the speaker, I can clearly see his sample photos, the speaker's audio is clear, but that's not the point. It's a flippin' workshop about getting down good exposure using different lighting setups - and that's what you get out of this video.

Golgo Thirteen's picture

Anyone serious about shooting studio should watch. I don't care about video quality. 2 hrs of stuff you NEED to know. And its free.

Great information, but the audience keeps asking questions. This type of talk in a video format would be better as just that, a video made for the purpose of sharing without an audience. Keep the classroom in the classroom...or it could be that when people find the continued need to ask questions after he says he is going to cover something later on annoys me. People think their time and need is more important than others. If you attend a class, respect everyone's time.

Anonymous's picture

I think you missed the part where Joey repeatedly said "If you have a question PLLEEEEAAAASE don't be afraid to ask". 

Can't blame the audience for asking questions really.. 

Mike Young's picture

Good seminar.  It would have been nice if he had repeated the questions or you had had a mic over the audience so we could hear the questions.  Great teacher.

Anonymous's picture

Agreed, i was trying to deduce the (unheard) questions from the answers..

 Imagine David Hobby on his 1st strobist videos... same thing for all the workshop sessions... couldn't hear the questions... but that was for big bucks DVD ... :)

★★★ Tam Nguyen ★★★'s picture

I'm about half-way into the video. If I hear someone else says "and whatnot" anymore, I'm gonna punch a baby.

Veldask Krofkomanov's picture

I hope you're kidding. Violence is never okay, and especially not over something as silly as someone's speech patterns. It's so sad to keep saying more people threatening violence over trivial things, even if meant as a joke and whatnot. There's a reason it's not okay to joke about these things; some people take them seriously. That's why laughing at racist jokes is bad, for instance. Some people will take it seriously and then go commit violent acts towards blacks and whatnot. Either stop joking, or please go seek some help if you truly meant what you wrote.

Only 16 minutes into the seminar but isn't 8:1 = 3 stops?
Also, why is 1:1 referring to left:right while 2:1 is background:foreground?
Does higher shutter speed stress the shutter mechanism? Not to my understanding.

Anonymous's picture

Yeah, you're correct on both. Also he doesn't explain why he chooses to set his softboxes at 3 feet from subject, just says thats something he doesn. Light source to subject has huge implications based on the size of the light sources diffusion and the distance of the subject to the background. Totally just blew that off.

Cameron Hughes's picture

The “1” ratio refers to the key light.

Then, iirc, the highlight ratios are written to the left of the key value and the shadow values are written to the right.

Thus 2:1:8 would equate to a high light being one stop above the key and a shadow light being three stops below the key.


about 18 minutes in he mentions shooting at 1/125 versus 1/250 implying he will get more life out of his camera?  Huh?

Golgo Thirteen's picture

He's talking about putting unneeded stress on driving the camera at that shutter speed. 

Then he should know that both curtains travel at the same speed regardless of your time exposure. The only difference will be that the second curtain raises later when shooting at 1/250sec. So he would be applying the same stress on his camera shooting at 1sec...

Golgo Thirteen's picture

LOL at people knocking this guy. I don't care if he did the video in sign language, he knows his stuff, he's a working pro and top shelf. If you want to work in this industry in this market, you probably should watch this full video and not complain and be happy it didn't cost you $400.  People crack me up. What would you rather see, a bunch of barley shooting for pay photographers only using speedlites shooting their friends that have zero experience with crappy music in the background? Its 2 hrs of free info from a person that has worked in one of NYC's hardest markets. 

★★★ Tam Nguyen ★★★'s picture

This guy is a bit old school, but he surely knows his stuff. Again, if you're just starting out and wanna get more useful and basic info on lighting, it's a very good video. It's a bit biased toward his philosophies, but it's a good start.

I got very annoyed by his "whatnots". Maybe I'm just picky haha.

Joseph Teeter's picture

I didn't mind the "whatnots" it was the "to make a long story short" that got me

I appreciate this video. There's a lot of great information from someone who knows what is talking about and applies it on a daily basis. Thank you for posting this! 

For the comments, sure there are some obvious downsides to the video but there's nothing we can do about it now. I will be proactive and simply send BH an e-mail with our concerns so they can improve for future videos.  

This is free and great information. 

Stefaan Ellebaut's picture

He sure as hell make a lot of long stories short, and whatnot... :D

Todd Mueller's picture

Excellent information. He keeps hammering about the fundamentals which is great.

Did this guy really say on multiple occasions he does "not" own a camera!?!?

Good video, I enjoyed watching it but I did feel some of his info was a little odd.. 

I would love to see more of these kinds of videos in the future!
Very informative and well explained, but as many others told I can't totally agree with everything he says and what not. :)

If someone knows similar videos with more technical information on how to set up different studio lightnings setups please do tell! and the settings and such! thanks!

And lastly dont really understand why some people are complaining as it is free. If you don't like it, don't watch it.. simple as that.

A7man's picture

I agree with Lennar!

Great video! Free education is always great! 

Sadly some of the question are hardly understandable… I would have gotten the free reflector ;) 

Michael Prizant's picture

Great video, very informative and well presented from an informational standpoint. Technical info is presented very simply and efficiently in easily digestible bites. Would've been nice if they had mics for the audience comments and questions, but otherwise very well done.

David Lane's picture

A lot of good info... my grip would be. The filming.. to much camera on speaker, when his showing an example. Can not hear question.

Studio126's picture

I agree with a lot of the other commenters, I found some of his statements a little odd. Also, judging from the audience's questions, he didn't explain why the shutter speed has no effect on strobes. You could tell they were a little confused.

But, overall, I liked it.

Drew McLellan's picture

Homo-sapians like to remember the big three:

1) Compare everything to a car.
2) That is, unless you're comparing it to a construction tool or water or wotnot.
3) When Joey Quintero gets on set, Joey always talks about himself in the third person.

Make a long story short: Joey doesn't own a camera.

Joking aside, it's a great free resource, so no genuine complaints from me.

apollo's picture

God...too much bullshit! Too much time for ratio, that could be told in 5 min MAX instead of 18 min. Also, questions from audience way way too quiet, no mic for audience? I barely can hear them. Also, it's good that he tells about his vision of the job but he just keeps talking "me me me me". It's staring to get annoying after 30min and after 1 hour. Cameraman has too tight crop to the speaker, we can't see the examples and the panning is just hideous! Lightning is slightly too low also.

Also...is the audience just full of 10 year old children?? Because he's speaking like he's speaking to 10 year old children, his bad humor is ruining almost the whole thing.

I think that this is slightly too much info and bullshit instead of real world things. If you want to learn studio work, I'd rather watch video where's half video, half practical examples: which things I use to create this effect. Like Patrick did in the Fstoppers video where they reviewed the PocketWizard Plus III.

Just disappointment, even when the creator is B&H. I'd rather watch CreativeLive videos that are very well made, easy to watch and also, the speakers are good.

Marios Forsos's picture

Something nobody seems to have mentioned is that this video is at least two or even more years old - I mean, first time I saw it back then - so maybe we should be so focused on sound quality and focus more on content...

David Silverman's picture

Why is this story posted with a video that is unavailable?

David Silverman's picture

When I click on the video, it says "This video is private."  What gives?

Video set to private.  Can't view it, so why post it?  I appreciate the effort but proofing work before hand is professional.

Andrei Goldobenko's picture

Need to know this stuff. Critical. Ignore shoddy quality/video work etc. Just learn.

Akeem Casey's picture

the video is private....

Chris Bloom's picture

says video is private

Vik D's picture


matt's picture

Seems lazy to post something you haven't even watched..

Ken Lawson's picture

Hey guys, I was thinking you all run a pro company with give it straight, but video is no available. May I suggest you remove this, to maintain credibility, or fix it. I see you are doing a re run. now that is pathetic. Your bad, my dumbness for thinking you guys are current

Duke Pham's picture

it says "This video is private." :(

Logan Sorenson's picture

"this video is private"

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