[Video] A Free 2 Hour Introduction to Studio Lighting

A free two hour video on the basics of studio lighting, with photographer Joey Quintero. I haven't personally sat down and watched this yet so I can't really tell you how comprehensive this is but I'm sure seasoned shooters will enjoy comparing notes and beginners will pick up a lot. Give this video some attention and let us know what you think in the comments.

via [PetaPixel]
From Kenn:
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Previous comments

Did this guy really say on multiple occasions he does "not" own a camera!?!?

Good video, I enjoyed watching it but I did feel some of his info was a little odd.. 

I would love to see more of these kinds of videos in the future!
Very informative and well explained, but as many others told I can't totally agree with everything he says and what not. :)

If someone knows similar videos with more technical information on how to set up different studio lightnings setups please do tell! and the settings and such! thanks!

And lastly dont really understand why some people are complaining as it is free. If you don't like it, don't watch it.. simple as that.

A7man's picture

I agree with Lennar!

Great video! Free education is always great! 

Sadly some of the question are hardly understandable… I would have gotten the free reflector ;) 

Great video, very informative and well presented from an informational standpoint. Technical info is presented very simply and efficiently in easily digestible bites. Would've been nice if they had mics for the audience comments and questions, but otherwise very well done.

David Lane's picture

A lot of good info... my grip would be. The filming.. to much camera on speaker, when his showing an example. Can not hear question.

Studio126's picture

I agree with a lot of the other commenters, I found some of his statements a little odd. Also, judging from the audience's questions, he didn't explain why the shutter speed has no effect on strobes. You could tell they were a little confused.

But, overall, I liked it.

Drew McLellan's picture

Homo-sapians like to remember the big three:

1) Compare everything to a car.
2) That is, unless you're comparing it to a construction tool or water or wotnot.
3) When Joey Quintero gets on set, Joey always talks about himself in the third person.

Make a long story short: Joey doesn't own a camera.

Joking aside, it's a great free resource, so no genuine complaints from me.

God...too much bullshit! Too much time for ratio, that could be told in 5 min MAX instead of 18 min. Also, questions from audience way way too quiet, no mic for audience? I barely can hear them. Also, it's good that he tells about his vision of the job but he just keeps talking "me me me me". It's staring to get annoying after 30min and after 1 hour. Cameraman has too tight crop to the speaker, we can't see the examples and the panning is just hideous! Lightning is slightly too low also.

Also...is the audience just full of 10 year old children?? Because he's speaking like he's speaking to 10 year old children, his bad humor is ruining almost the whole thing.

I think that this is slightly too much info and bullshit instead of real world things. If you want to learn studio work, I'd rather watch video where's half video, half practical examples: which things I use to create this effect. Like Patrick did in the Fstoppers video where they reviewed the PocketWizard Plus III.

Just disappointment, even when the creator is B&H. I'd rather watch CreativeLive videos that are very well made, easy to watch and also, the speakers are good.

Something nobody seems to have mentioned is that this video is at least two or even more years old - I mean, first time I saw it back then - so maybe we should be so focused on sound quality and focus more on content...

Why is this story posted with a video that is unavailable?

When I click on the video, it says "This video is private."  What gives?

Video set to private.  Can't view it, so why post it?  I appreciate the effort but proofing work before hand is professional.

Andrei Goldobenko's picture

Need to know this stuff. Critical. Ignore shoddy quality/video work etc. Just learn.

Akeem Casey's picture

the video is private....

says video is private


Seems lazy to post something you haven't even watched..

Hey guys, I was thinking you all run a pro company with give it straight, but video is no available. May I suggest you remove this, to maintain credibility, or fix it. I see you are doing a re run. now that is pathetic. Your bad, my dumbness for thinking you guys are current

Duke Pham's picture

it says "This video is private." :(

Logan Sorenson's picture

"this video is private"

this video is private :(