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What if Siri and Photoshop Had a Kid?

By far the thing I hear most often when I'm teaching Photoshop is "there's just so much to remember." We have tons of tools at our disposal and more ways to use them than I can count. This only grows more problematic when you try to edit on a small portable device...but what if you could just say what you wanted to your editing program, and have it done? Apparently the brains of Adobe Research have wondered the same thing The result is  PixelTone, a prototype app under development in partnership with the University of Michigan.  PixelTone is a "multimodal editing app" meaning that it will allow the user to use direct manipulation as well as voice recognition to edit an image. The recognition isn't limited to common editing terms either. You will be able to use natural language to relay what you would like done.

Rather than try to sum up how cool this looks like it could be, I'll just let the video do the talking.

Personally, I'm probably never going to adopt something like into my professional workflow, but for editing vacation snapshots on my phone or laptop...I would definitely check this out. Now here's hoping that it makes it out of the research stage.

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Is this a joke?

Nope, shit just got serious. :)

I wouldn't say "never going to adopt something like into my professional workflow". As in a few years this might become quite powerful! It's like rotoscoping in video. We used to do it manually frame by frame. Now just select the area you want and the system is powerful enough to do most of the job on its own (most!). I like when they try to make tasks more user friendly ! So ok, for now it's good for editing vacation snapshots. But in a few years, why not? 

"Siri... take a photo for me, edit the photo, and then publish it on the cover of National Geographic."

@google-65b5b39c15b4d18befe3332d0e3a7b3b:disqus  "Sorry... I did not understand that command... would like me to search online?"