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What Two Cameras Is Sony Going to Announce in the Next Six Weeks?

What Two Cameras Is Sony Going to Announce in the Next Six Weeks?

After a comparatively quiet period, Sony is said to be preparing for some fairly significant gear announcements before the end of June. What is the Japanese giant planning, and can it take the shine off the news of the forthcoming Canon EOS R5?

Rumor sites have a mixed reputation when it comes to reporting on Sony, but there are a couple of facts that make it all the more likely that the mooted announcements are actually going to happen: two new cameras have been registered in Asia and, even though details are scant, there are a few details that give us a hint of what is in the pipeline.

The first, expected to be unveiled in the last week of May, is going to be compact as it’s registered to use the NP-BX1 battery that powers a lot of Sony’s smaller cameras such as the RX100. There’s speculation that this will be a compact vlogging camera, possibly having an entirely new name which would suggest a new line of cameras.

The news that will generate the most excitement, however, is thought to be arriving in June. At the end of April, Sony registered a camera with 5.1 GHz wifi which suggests a high-end body. The jury is still out as to whether this will be the a7 IV, a successor to the incredibly successful a7 III, or the long-awaited a7s III, the video-centric full-frame body that may or may not have specifications to take on the forthcoming Canon EOS R5.

Sony seems to have hit some delays with the a7s III, with many wondering if it was struggling to find means of managing the heat coming from a sensor that shoots video at such a high resolution, or whether the news of the EOS R5 meant that it needed to try and bump some specs in order to match the competition. Whatever the truth, the COVID-19 pandemic certainly will not have helped.

What do you expect from Sony? Can it match the monumental announcements from Canon? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Let me guess. Annual update to RX100 - RX100 VIII and A7S III.

Gonna be the Sony PS5 webcam with a 1-inch sensor and 4K RAW 240fps.

Rumor has it Sony will release a Canon EOS R killer.....stay tuned.

Sony will release Canon EOS R