What's More Funny than Photos of People Scared $#!^less ? The Photoshopped Versions.

Remember that post I did on Nightmare Fear Factory's haunted house photo booth? Of course you do, cause I just posted it yesterday and you check Fstoppers.com everyday, right? Well the awesomeness of those photos has spurred the lads on the Something Awful forums to fire up Photoshop to make them even more awesome. Take another look.

I can't help but feel that the readers of Fstoppers can do better though. Come on guys, let's see what you got.

via [MyModern Met] [SomethingAwful]
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HAHAHA! these are priceless

Lloyd Barnes's picture

Hilarious! And pretty good Photoshop skills too. 

lol! this is great

Garrett Graham's picture

This is a crap edit, but it had me and my boy laughing for a good few minutes. Combination of the the following scary images.


Ian Ludwig's picture

I was wondering how long this was going to take. A lot from that place are just begging for this.