You Can Now Bundle 500px Awesome Account with Adobe Creative Cloud

You Can Now Bundle 500px Awesome Account with Adobe Creative Cloud

500px just announced a partnership with Adobe that lets users purchase the Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan, which consists of Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, combined with 500px's Awesome account for the special price of $165 annually.

To do this previously would have required you to pay $9.99/month for the Creative Cloud account and $6.25/month for the 500px account. The new deal breaks out to a total of $13.75 a month for both, which if you were planning on doing the separate plans to begin with makes it a much better deal.

You can read more about the new arrangement at 500px.

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You can do the same with

Yeah, I not that long ago upgraded on 500px to awesome, before I realised that I can do the same thing on Behance Prosite which is already in the cost, plus 20GB storage for backing up a large selection of your jpegs or something else you find useful.
There are so many good photogs on 500px, but it has pretty much become another 'stats whore' place for people to hang out over the last year or so. Behance has amazing creatives, not just limited to photographers and offers so much more inspiration.

500x would be so much better if status/pulse were hidden from public views.