You Can Now Propose in Style Thanks to This Artist's Camera Lens Wedding Ring Box

Looking for a unique way to propose to your photographer partner? These lens-inspired wedding ring boxes might be right up your street.

Matt Zabloski of Kelo Designs is the brains and designer behind the creation. The piece allows users to hide an engagement ring within it, but can present it to their partner by opening the aperture which causes the ring to rise up and be revealed.

Speaking to PetaPixel, Zabloski recalls: 

I actually started designing my first ring box after I was already engaged. I’d worked with a local jeweler who created an amazing custom engagement ring, but when I went to pick it up, it came in a cheap faux leather black box. I wanted to create something that was more reflective of the work and craftsmanship of what it was designed to hold.

His initial designs were wooden aperture ring boxes, bearing a resemblance to camera lenses. Later acquiring a number of broken Canon 18-55mm lenses, he used the equipment to help shape the next model. Zabloski faced the challenge of adapting his original mechanism to fit the dimensions of a camera lens. Ultimately, it was only attainable through creating from scratch an entirely new mechanical iris.

As an extra, the completed camera lens ring box comes complete with its lens mount, meaning it can even be attached to the front of a camera.

The new Focus camera lens ring box design is due to retail for C$189 ($144) as of September 2018. Find it at the Kelo Designs website.

Images used with permission of Matt Zabloski/Kelo Designs.

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"Propose in style" they said. Because nothing communicates style better than an 18-55mm f/3.5 - 5.6 kit lens!