Don't Let Yourself Make These Three Common Photography Mistakes

Evan Ranft is a freelance photographer and short-form video maker based out of Atlanta, Georgia. While he has only been shooting professionally for a short time in the grand scheme of things, he has amassed quite the client base by shooting for brands such as Clif Bar, Mountain Dew, and Budweiser. Through his four years of shooting he has learned many things but in this video, he breaks down the three biggest mistakes he has made throughout his career.

We all have to find our own way to getting to our ultimate goals professionally. Whether it be the easy way or the hard way, if we work hard enough and put in the work we can all reach where we are striving to be. With that being said we will all stumble at some points on the way to this goal. That’s just the nature of this career path. That’s why it’s always good to hear the common mistakes that the professionals made because more times than not I feel like we all make the same mistakes over and over, just in our own way. While watching this video he makes great points about networking with the proper people, the importance of learning video along with photography, and the importance of not letting the numbers on social media be the measuring stick for your worth as a photographer. It’s worth a watch especially if you’re in the infancy of your photography career such as myself.

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J Paul's picture

Love this guy. He gives some solid advice in this one.

Chris PLUNKETT's picture

The biggest mistake this guy has made is wearing an outdoor coat and hoodie indoors,he won't fell their benefit when he goes outside!
Just LOLing of course,good advice in the video!

anthonyquirke's picture

Thanks Evan for those good tips.