Greg Heisler Discusses Photographing Greg Louganis

If you haven't had the opportunity to attend one of Greg Heisler's lectures, you really need to find a way to do so. I realized after saying this that I have no idea how to help you do that because I can't seem to find touring information anywhere. Nevertheless, as far as I'm aware he is still traveling all over the country speaking and promoting his book "50 Portraits." In these lectures he goes through many of the life experiences and stories from his long and incredible career. This video is one of those stories.

I'm hesitant to give you any more information than that. At not even four minutes long the feeling is that you should just enjoy it for yourself. 

There are a few of you that may not know who Greg Heisler is, so here's a little back story pulled from his website:

"Gregory Heisler is a photographer and educator renowned for his technical mastery and thoughtful responsiveness. His enthusiasm, curiosity, and drive are manifested in his hands-on approach to all aspects of the image making process.

His iconic portraits and innovative visual essays have graced the covers and pages of many magazines, including LIFE, ESQUIRE, GENTLEMEN'S QUARTERLY, GEO, SPORTS ILLUSTRATED, ESPN, and THE NEW YORK TIMES MAGAZINE, yet he is perhaps best known for his more than seventy cover portraits for TIME magazine. He has also photographed advertising campaigns for such clients as American Express, Benson & Hedges, Dewar's, Merrill Lynch, and Nike..."

There may also be a few of you out there that don't know who Greg Louganis is. For that're going to have to google. There's an iconic image of him during the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games that I don't have permission to show you. The rest of the internet does though!

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I'd recommend getting hold of a copy of 50 Portraits, some absolutely beautiful images with really interesting back stories too.

Actually got to hear this story in person, except in Texas, about three years ago when Heisler spoke at the Association of Texas Photography Instructors conference. He really inspired my students.

That's pretty incredible actually! Sounds like a great entertaining speaker as well.

If he put out a video every day I would watch it. His wisdom and ability to tell a story never cease to amaze me.