Top Three Mistakes Photographers Make

Bejamin Jaworskyj breaks down some of the biggest mistakes he sees photographers making in his workshops.

Some of the biggest mistakes include not shooting enough images of a single subject and overloading a single shot. I understand this feeling, as I know I’m particularly guilty of shooting 10 different subjects and producing ok images, instead of focusing in on one subject and creating an outstanding image. I think it is inevitable that when traveling and exploring a new place, you try to capture everything you see, at the detriment of producing a concise and strong image. I’ve noticed that when I’m shooting at a location I’ve already been at, I can better focus on creating a single image. I think it’d be helpful to retain that deliberate mindset even in a new location. Planning a few shots ahead of time, if possible, has been very helpful in that regard.

The final mistake seems a bit basic: don’t drop your shutter speed too low and end up with blurry images. I think that for more advanced photographers, this can still be a helpful reminder to not lose sight of the basics. On a recent shoot, I was too busy working on the focus stack to notice that a breeze kicked up and started blurring the leaves in the trees. The stack was ruined, and I’d forgot about a fundamental element of my exposure.

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Elan Govan's picture

Thumbs up. No, cannot say that I am into "sensory over-load" photography.

Christos Dikos's picture

Too slow shutter speed may be the number one cause of blurry photos.

Elan Govan's picture

I think he is pretending to be a beginner. Just to be clear, there is a British Royal Air Force plane fitted with high tech radar called the Nimrod, not to be confused with the biblical figure or nincompoop or ninny.

chris schmauch's picture

+1 on slow shutter speeds. People underestimate the speed required to freeze various types of action (not to mention countering our own quick handling movements).

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Top Three Mistakes Photographers Make:
1. Online posting of top mistakes that photographers make.
2. Reading any of the numerous lists of mistakes photographers make.
3. Making silly comments about the uselesness of above lists.

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Rule of fist - very common in the world of traditional recurve archery.