Why We Keep Watching the Worst Movies Ever Made

We've all done it. We've rewatched movies that we knew were bad. I watched the 1995 classic "Waterworld" with Kevin Costner two weeks ago. Maybe we do it to reflect on our past or to get in touch with ourselves again to some degree. This video analyzes bad films and why we keep watching the worst movies. Its main argument is that these bad films actually have some intellectual merit. The video focuses on "The Room," which came out in 2003. It's a movie with bad acting, a low budget, and terrible accents and dialogue. 

In some places, the acting and what is said makes no sense and the people in the film do things that ordinary people just won't do. The lead actor, Tommy Wiseau, is also the director of the film. 

There are many categories for movies. This one can be described as being part of paracinema category, which is a combination of all the forms of cinema outside the mainstream. And within paracinema, it's categorized as "trash film". 

It is like a movie made by an alien who has never seen a movie, but has had movies thoroughly explained to him.

The video goes on to analyze good and bad taste and indicates that a person can actually have a good taste of bad taste. Quentin Tarantino is my ultimate film director and writer. If you watch "Natural Born Killers," which was done by Oliver Stone and written by Quentin Tarantino, you'll realize how he used trash film as a theme throughout the movie. 

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Actually, "The Room" is the Best Worst Movie ever made, not the worst. Google that and you'll find that this to be accurate.

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The first time I hear this in English! It sounds better in Spanish, sorry, I mean, it sounds worst in Spanish... I'm so confused now.... :D

Ladies and Gentlemen, OBUS:


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