10 Amazing Wedding Photographers That You Are Probably Not Following on Instagram

10 Amazing Wedding Photographers That You Are Probably Not Following on Instagram

Instagram is an amazing platform for sharing your work and following great artists that can inspire you. As you follow more and more people, Instagram will even recommend other users who fall into line with the type of people you normally follow and interact with. The problem though is that most of the suggested users are people that already have a significant following. So what about the people that are up and coming or are new to the platform?

I spend a decent amount of time within the social world of Instagram and I am constantly blown away by some of the work people are putting out. I am even more surprised when I see that they don't have a huge following. Now the term “huge following” can mean a lot of things to different people. An everyday college student posting pictures of their food and coffee may see 1,000 followers as a huge accomplishment. Likewise, Instagram stars with hundreds of thousands of followers may look to the movie stars and classify that as a huge following. For the purpose of this article though, I’m looking at accounts that have a decent amount, but less than 10,000 followers.

1. Citlalli Rico

Named Fearless Photographer of the Year in 2011 and best of the best in 2011 by Junebug, Rico is a destination wedding photographer based out of Cancun and Riviera May, Mexico. She is also speaking this year at the Way up North conference in Rome, Italy.

2. Crystal Stokes

Based out of Charlotte, North Carolina. Stokes is in the top 10 Fearless photographers of 2015. She is also teaching a class at the upcoming Mystic Seminars about storytelling with light.

3. Davina and Daniel Kudish

2012 Fearless Photographers of the Year and named Rangefinder's top 10 most sought after wedding photographers of 2012. Speaking at this years Way up North conference, they also own and operate the edit outsourcing company The Image Salon.

4. Douglas Polle

Based out of New Jersey, Polle not only prides himself on being a photographer, but an artist. He is part of the new class of wedding photographers that strive for creative imagery. He was also just featured on Shotkit.

5. Franck Boutonnet

Named in the top 7 wedding photographers by the Wedding Photojournalist Association in 2014. Boutonnet is also a speaker for Mystic Seminars.

6. Volodymyr Ivash

Based out of Central Italy, Ivash has a handfull of awards from Fearless Photographers as well as editor's choice awards from Mywed.

7. Jay Cassario

Listed as a top 100 wedding photographer by SLR Lounge, Cassario is also a writer for SLR Lounge and Shotkit.

8. Keely Montoya

Based out of Northwest Arkansas, Montoya will be speaking at the Forest and Falls workshop in 2017.

9. Sean Leblanc

Ranked one of the top wedding photographers in Canada by the Profesional Wedding Photographers of Canada. Based out of Calgary, Canada, LeBlanc is the only protégé to have worked under Two Mann Studios.

10. Tyler Wirken

Wirken is known for his completely hands off documentary style. He recently taught a class on the subject at Creative Live and he is also one of the main instructors for the Foundation workshop.

11. Bonus! My amazing wife Chasnie Vinson

Always striving to capture images that have a feeling to them. Chasnie uses her easy-going personality to quickly become a familiar part of the wedding day, allowing her to get those close and personal images.

I feel I gave you a wide variety of Instagram users to follow, with their followers ranging from less than 1,000 to around 7,000 and whose experiences range from professional to award winning speaker. I am curious to see who some of your favorite “less followed” wedding photographers are to keep up with. Yes, it can be tempting to post your own account, but let's try and only post links of other people.

If you like this type of post and want to see something similar for different fields of photography, let us know in the comments.

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Jason Vinson is a wedding and portrait photographer for Vinson Images based out of Bentonville, Arkansas. Ranked one of the Top 100 Wedding photographers in the World, he has a passion for educating and sharing his craft.

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By far my favorite wedding/engagement/boudoir photographer :) Definitely deserves a follow on Instagram

Two guys I cant get enough of are
Todd Hunter Mcgaw - https://www.instagram.com/toddhuntermcgaw/
and Dan O'Day - https://www.instagram.com/danmakepicture/

Also shameless plug for myself :-) - https://www.instagram.com/robmynard/

Hey! Seems like you forgot some good Italian wedding photographer :)


I like Davina and Daniel Kudish's images, almost all the brides look like ghosts.

Valerie Schooling in Charleston,SC for sure should be on your list.


Hey, what about some this one http://www.instagram.com/lukaskonarik and there's much more in Europe :)

Great post man

Love your articles. And good to see some unknown talented Photogs. And yes! I'd like you to do an article if similar nature for family/children Photogs, and for portraiture photog.

Thanks heaps.