Fstoppers Is Hiring Staff Writers

Are you a photographer or videographer who loves to write? It's that time again! Fstoppers is looking to hire several creative professionals to write for us. If you enjoy reading Fstoppers and think you may have something to offer, we want to hear from you! 

To apply, you must be a member of the community with an Fstoppers portfolio. One of our requirements is that you are at least a part-time professional photographer or videographer. If you’re interested in writing for us, send an email with a link to your portfolio and sample writing (blog posts are great) to chelsey@fstoppers.com and write “Fstoppers Job Opening” in the subject line. Send a brief message about you, your work, and what you would want to write about. Your ability to write is very important. Please do not send us a résumé. 

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Jeff Carpenter's picture

Just sent an email!

Steven Lelham's picture

Just curious... What is the pay?

Simon Patterson's picture

Exposure. Lots of it, as there are lots of readers. Only the best need apply.

(Of course I'm kidding! I have no idea what they pay.)

Chelsey Rogers's picture

Hi Steven, like most websites like ours, pay is based off of pageviews.

Prefers Film's picture

Maybe you'll get an editor too. ;)

Dallas Dahms's picture

Last time I never got a reply. I'm guessing I'm either no good or my emails got flagged as spam?

Matthias Dengler's picture

I sent you already my recent article I wrote myself a week ago and submitted it as a guest article on your website. Until now, I did not get any feedback if it had been chosen or declined. I know, it's a bit off-topic, as it's not about an application, but indirectly it fits the topic, I guess. I'm hoping to hear from you, guys.