Great Tools When You’re Writing a Script for Your Next Film

Great Tools When You’re Writing a Script for Your Next Film

You’ve set out to write your very first script. You’ve got the character and an idea of what the ending looks like, and now you want to put pen to paper, or "fingers to keyboard".

There are three tools I will discuss to facilitate the writing of your script, and also, maybe even improve your ability to make your writing bold.


You can use the free Amazon Storywriter web app Amazon provides. They have Prime Video, so they are obviously looking for anyone to get be able to get their ideas down and share it with their team. It’s a basic app, but it doesn’t take up any space on your machine because it’s cloud-based. It gives you the ability to write in the correct format required for professional script-writing. If you’ve not taken a look at the script of Darren Aronofsky’s Mother to see the poetry within, do yourself a favor.

I have played around with it, and if you’re only starting with the idea, their help pages teaches you what parts of the script should be used when and for what.

Write more like Hemingway

If you want to unleash your inner Hemingway, you can get the Hemingway app. It’s a once-off cost and the idea is to make your writing bold. Phrases are often more powerful when the adverbs are removed. It doesn’t correct spelling, it gives you ideas of how to edit your writing to be more legible and therefore enjoyable to read.


Grammarly is a plugin and app you can install on your computer. It’ll correct grammar, spelling and give you alternatives when it thinks it’s got a better way to say what you are trying to say. Now the only issue I have is that for it to use it’s artificial intelligence it needs to actually read what you are writing, so your information is accessed by a bot, but I’m sure you’re in safe hands if you subscribed to their monthly services.

Now get going with your writing!

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I was looking into this topic myself a couple of months ago after Adobe quit their service Adobe Story and I wanted something to replace it. After looking up almost a dozen softwares and web services I went for an open source solution which is also able to export the scripts into a lot of other file formats. So you are not lost when you decide to use the paid industry standard software (not naming it here - you'll figure it out with a simple search) later on...

The open source solution is called Trelby and can be found here:
I just don't want my stuff and my intellectual property on an Amazon server. I want to own every last one of my bits and bytes. ;)