New Tamrac Goblin Pouches Give Clean, Basic Padded Protection to Camera Bodies and Lenses

New Tamrac Goblin Pouches Give Clean, Basic Padded Protection to Camera Bodies and Lenses

Tamrac has been keeping busy to revitalize their brand by shipping new products such as the Anvil and G-Elite series of photo backpacks as well as these new Goblin gear pouches. Made to provide minimalist padding to your equipment, the Goblin pouches come in a variety of shapes and sizes to protect cameras, lenses, memory cards, and accessories.

The exterior fabric is made of lightweight ripstop nylon and in my use it has remained tough while being tumbled around my bag against other items. After a month and half of use transporting gear and being set on all sorts of wet, cold, rough, dirty surfaces, I do see the Tamrac Goblin lineup being able to put in the time to stick with your kit for ages. The tight stitching combined with the ripstop nylon provide a formidable barrier from outside elements. With an easy access cinch drawstring enclosure, these pouches are obviously not “weatherproof,” but water droplets do bead up on the surface of the ripstop nylon rather than being soaked in.

The interior of the Goblin sacks are lined with custom ultrasonically fused quilted fabric. The checkered pattern of the inside alternates between a more cushy, soft-to-the touch padding and leaner, slotted sectioning. This pattern seems to give the Goblin its weight savings and less bulky characteristics. The interior fabric and lip of the bag cause no trouble sliding lenses and bodies in and out, even with snag-friendly hoods and or L-brackets mounted.

In my experience, the pouches I see being shipped with lenses are usually soft but near completely unpadded or tough feeling but very bulky. Tamrac has got it right with this product, as it provides a perfect cushioned barrier without going overboard.

The Goblin pouches are available now in ocean, pumpkin, and kiwi colors and cost between $12.95 and $24.95 per unit. 

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They should have used waterproof zippers.

That cord thing isn't going to protect from splashes so this waterproof fabric is a bit of a waste.

Not a bad idea though! I'd like them if they sealed better!

EDIT: Actually, if it had more padding, water-tight zippers and strong clips... I'd have 3 of them in the mail. Calmping this to my backpack while while on treks would simplify things alot!

I like these, as I'm always looking for some sort of protection for my gear. I own no camera bag, so it's a constant battle packing for anything like skiing or climbing. These i think could help out a lot. I could also use the small ones to keep things like flash triggers together :)

So a basic ripoff on Think Tanks line of padded, non-padded.

I'll stick with Think Tank

that would be too easy.

well kinda nice but there have been so many similar inexpensive products on ebay that I do not get what is so new about the idea.

Ebay didn't give the reviewer bags for free.

That's the only difference...