Photographer Switches Camera Systems, Instantly Becomes Master

Photographer Switches Camera Systems, Instantly Becomes Master

Cleveland, OH: A local shooter recently switched from Canon to Sony and was pleased to discover that he awoke the next morning as a master photographer.

The photographer, Alan Coors, notes he was not having the sort of success he had hoped: 

My business was not really flourishing. A lot of people seemed uninterested in my work. A friend suggested that perhaps my technique was lacking, but I’m using the latest automatic portrait retouching app, so it’s obviously not that.

Coors notes that he has been a Canon user since he first began shooting six weeks ago, his kit consisting of a 5D Mark IV and an assortment of at least eight L lenses. When he opened his business two weeks after buying the kit, he initially expected an influx of clients:

I was surprised that business was so lukewarm. I mean, I had all the nicest lenses and a great body. 

Coors’ friend, Jordan Givens, a successful wedding and portrait photographer, spoke to Fstoppers about the situation:

Alan is really enthusiastic, but I think he's putting the cart ahead of the horse a bit. I told him to drop by my studio so we could talk about the situation. I spent hours discussing business strategy and photographic technique. Unfortunately, Alan’s eyes glazed over after about five minutes and he seemed to stop listening.

Coors picks up the story there:

Jordan is really nice and all, but he kept babbling on about pricing and learning how to set a ‘white balance.’ Isn’t that what P mode is for? That’s why I bought a nice camera. Anyway, while he was prattling on, I noticed a Sony camera on his desk. I went home and started Googling... They have way more megapixels than my Canon! I found a photography forum that said the Sony had two more stops of dynamic range and then I found a site that said their new 85mm lens resolves like 10 percent more detail than my Canon! I was so embarrassed. No wonder I had no business. 

Coors immediately returned his kit and picked up a Sony setup. Sure enough, he awoke to a flurry of emails the following morning and is pleased to report business is booming.

Business is great! I’ve had to hire an assistant I'm so busy. I’m just glad the Sony has a P mode as well. No white balance issues!

Coors’ business shows no signs of slowing down.

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Hahhahahha. The Next step to success is posting videos all over YouTube about why he switched from Canon to Sony. This will cause many newbies to place orders.

Alex Cooke's picture

I'm sure Alan is working on that video. :P

Jeff Walsh's picture

This can't be real...please don't let this be real.

you must be joking, reread that part and tell me if you still thinks it is real
"Coors immediately returned his kit and picked up a Sony setup. Sure enough, he awoke to a flurry of emails the following morning and is pleased to report business is booming."
you cant be that naif right ?

It's not. At the end of the article in the keyword/category section one of the words the article is listed under is humor.

David Moore's picture

This can't be real...please don't let this be real.

I hope this is a joke ... otherwise this is the photography version of "...karate from book?....? " [the karate kid-1994]

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

I did the same thing but still have no signs of influx of new clients. Can anyone help to understand why?

Alex Cooke's picture

Hmmm, how many lenses did you buy?

Stas Aleksandersson's picture

I bought only three but I always show up with two extra coffee mugs that look like lenses so it looks like I got 5. Weird. The only thing I can think of is that I switched from Nikon, not from Canon.

That's the thing. You need to sell all your gear, then buy Canon, take a few pictures, sell them all, then by Sony.

Rogier Bos's picture

You camera has the wrong camera-strap. That explains everything.

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Over the last 9-12 months clients started telling me that either I will get a Sony sensor or they will switch to a different company for photography. I had a ton of Canon lenses which I love...and was lucky that I was able to find a company that replaced my Canon sensor with the Sony sensor. Looks good now!

Jonathan Brady's picture

Pretty damn funny! That said, I am actually mid-switch from Canon to Sony. But only because some of the features make my photography easier and more enjoyable. I have the cash to do it, and I'm running both systems until I'm sure Sony will work for me, so why wouldn't I? (rhetorical question)

I switched to Sony and I can't believe how hip I feel now. I'm going to get a cool hat and declare victory.

*scoff* Everyone know real photographer Pentax only. That's what the people at B and H say.

Simon Patterson's picture

Just from reading the title, I knew this would be an Alex Cooke satire special. I wasn't disappointed! Funny stuff as always.

chris bryant's picture

Hehe, I wish it was just that easy!

I'm goong to sell my Nikon D810, 700 and 300 with 12 lenses and buy a Sony superzoom point and shoot. That should solve everything.

Anonymous's picture

Nope! It only works if you're moving from Canon to Sony. If you're shooting with a Nikon now, you have to move to Fuji. smh

It is amazing that he got lots of enquiries just by changing the camera system, not by the improvement in quality of the works which happened after the change

Eduardo Francés's picture

Pffffftttt!!!!!! Pffffffffffffffffffttttttt!!!!!! this is total BS!!!!!!!! Real shooters stay true to the roots, Daguerrotype or bust!

david kidd's picture this..I'm a bad photografer...

Bryce Spivey's picture

This is the worst story I've ever read. Yes, you need to understand white balance. No, the camera doesn't matter.

Gonna start using that P mode, i think that's the real moral of this story. Sony's P mode is just that much better.

my friend majored in photography in college and takes very nice pictures. She looks at a scene through her 12 year old Canon and shoots it quickly and is done. She shoots in auto mode all the time. That pisses me off.

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