Pye Vs Patrick Vs Lee: Vote Who Took The Best Photograph

Pye Vs Patrick Vs Lee: Vote Who Took The Best Photograph

Yes, you read that right. Pye Jirsa is back in Puerto Rico and this time he goes head to head against both Lee and me for the ultimate photography competition. We need your help deciding who took the best image!

Below you will see three photos from our upcoming photography shoot out video. Vote for your favorite image and then see if you can pick out which photographer took each of the three photos. Sometime next week we will release our newest shootout video and all three photographers will find out who is king of the hill live on camera. 

Photo 1: The Green Dress

Photo 2: The White Dress

Photo 3: The Red Dress

Which Photo is the Best?

Who Took Which Photo?


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Everything is subjective. The framing ruins the red one for me. What is all that head room about?

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Of course everything is subjective, this was my opinion; it doesn't make it fact. Compared to the others for *me* it looks the best regardless of the negative space at the top. Had the photographer shot upwards more it probably would have looked better, but cropping it, again IMO, would ruin the overall feel of it.

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There are couple of things that bother me from the red one.
Rembrandt lighting in this case it's fine—it works. I do wish the shadows were lifted a little on her face though. What bothers me is the mixed lighting/color on her skin. Her left side of the skin is a little red, her feet begin to be pretty yellow, and her shoulder and chest is a little cooler.
The plant bothers me a little. I like the green, it adds more "life" to the picture but it's just right in the way. If enough room, I would have placed it behind one of the seats and let it peak out a little. The whole image is pretty symmetrical so one could have moved the plant somewhere else as well and snap couple pictures in different locations and mask it in.
Her shoulder and neckline are kinda weird for me too. It looks like a she has a thick neck and her shoulder is too low :/

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Weird,... If I look the full images I'd vote them esact the opposite as by looking just on the the crops on top of the article

Although I feel like red is technically the best photo, green hits me somehow. I just love it.

What is all the head room in the red dress for?

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The head room gives context to the window framing. Not everything needs to be a tight shot. That image is a perfect example. Its good to mix things up (wide, medium, tight) when appropriate.

See that's where I think this shot is weak.
The subject isn't the window framing.
That's distracting and the viewer is left wandering around the composition...

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A great image isn't just about the subject, it's about the subject + surroundings, and, and, variety. Of course, IMO. I'm sure a gazillion people will disagree with me. Then, again, another gazillion probably will agree. :P

While I love most of the White dress photo, I can't get away from how distracting the plant is from the model. My eye is immediately drawn to it. I personally think the red dress is the best of these if I assume the challenge is "You get one light and whatever you can do with natural light on top of it." I actually like the slightly hard light on the Red Dress as it echoes the hard lines of the scene around her. I think she is better framed than the other two shots and the lighting feels more deliberate. I'm going out on a limb and saying it looks like the light may have a honeycomb or snoot to keep it off the walls around her.

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In order of awesomeness: 1. Red, 2. Green, 3 White.

Of course it's all subjective.

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"against Lee and *me*."

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red dress - but that just might be the pose...naw..take that back - red dress much more dramatic lighting

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Red dress by a light year! Not only that, the composition is just better IMHO.

Robert Nurse's picture

Red dress by a light year! Not only that, the composition is just better IMHO.

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Red - Patrick
White - Pye
Green - Lee

Lens flare lee at it again...

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Or maybe I learned my lesson!

We can all agree that cropping matters. I agree with other comments about the order of preference changes depending on the thumbnail versus the voting candidates.

Titles and captions matter. By labeling, they frame the audience. Is the dress the “hero” or the model or the whole picture? The vote is for picture but that’s not the title. (I can hear Lee saying, “I was in a hurry and needed to put them up. I didn’t think about how the labels might affect the audience.” Then Lee references the comments, circular reference.)

Also, I bet that this is a follow up on the tech talk they had recently. “What we didn’t tell you was that these were all shot on an iPhone 11. With some lighting, we wanted to see what kind of photos we could make with the newest mobile phone camera.” (Book it!)

My main criticism with all the pictures is about what is chosen to add to the model and dress.
Green photo (Pye?): The photo looks great in crop because seeing the wires hanging down and the pipe on the wall adds nothing to the model. The woman’s black hair, black railing, tonal wall contrasts wonderfully with the dress and skin tones. The lighting on the legs is just enough that it adds an edge to the dress but not so much that it throws off. There’s a shadow diagonally on the wall but the shadow on the face and legs is from another angle. I don’t think it’s noticeable to the average viewer and it works to me. I wish the candidate shot was the cropped one.

The white dress(Lee? God-ray-back-light-man?): The candidate shot has the subject as a minute part of the whole. I can see the eye going to her because of the back light but what is the point of the greenery? The lines of the railing and street are totally obscured and don’t lead the eye to the subject. The candidate shot has green aberration front and center, again gone in crop. It’s bright; her left arm and extended dress are translucent. What better way with back light to show the model and the lines then letting the light through the subject. Her right hand could have been holding her hair or dress something to create a more angelic and/or intimate look. Instead you cut it off (devil look! lol). Even in the crop, the greenery is in the way.

Red dress (Patrick?): This is where I think the captions matter the most. Her dress is the obvious subject of the photo. Notice how her legs differ from green dress. They almost disappear into the woodwork and the horizontal lines of the dress end with the horizontal lines of the woodwork. The high angle lighting is on the model’s chest and the lines of the dress and shadows draw the eye down. The rest of the photo is only there to frame the dress. The distance to the model and the shadow on face and even the natural lay of the hair points to the dress. Also, the model with respect to foreground, mid- and background, the dress is the middle of everything. Right hand fingers.

I think Green Dress reached farther and got more done. I can’t get behind the model on the street look who is lit so well and posing so well with the cables and pipes. That’s personal preference. Red Dress does not reach as far and achieves what it intended. White Dress tries something though I wished the photographer leaned in all the way. I think a solar lens flare (egads!) from her right shoulder to the lower left would have been better than the greenery. I think White Dress reached least and came up short.

If you’ve read this far, thanks. It’s mostly pent-up critique typing because I missed all the other critiques. Your mileage may vary.

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Super interesting read; I think you are going to be pretty shocked reading it back after the post goes up.

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It's all subjective. What's the point? To count how many people 'liked' one photo over the others? What does it prove or even mean? Any and all photo contests are subject to the views, likes and dislikes of the judges viewing them. PERIOD

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

For the fun of it. For the challenge of it. For the sport of it. For the learning of it.

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Yes...I understand that. Perhaps I should have qualified my statement. It was meant for more serious contests....where titles, awards and/or cash are involved. Contests for the fun of it, etc are fine. Sorry I came across obtuse. Thank you for the wake up call.

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While I like the white dress best. Perhaps I'm a fan of backlit images but there is something in the plant that is edited in a strange way. The green dress is nice but there are elements like the rope that doesn't work for me. I think the red dress is nice but the depth of focus is just distracting to me. The lines going through the models head and moving the plant to the foreground would have helped I think.

Statistically, this competition would've been more telling if they all shot the same model w/ the same dress.

The heavy shadows, [unintentionally?] asymmetrical chairs, off-centre background, and awkwardly posed model in the red dress photo screams 'Lee was here'. The green dress photo looks like something that would go on a fashion magazine, so I'm going to believe Pye took that one. As for the white dress photo... People often say they don't know where to look in my photos, and I never really understood what that meant, until now anyway. Thanks for the lesson!