Pye Jirsa VS Lee Morris Round 2: Vote now!

Yep you read that right! After Pye Jirsa completely destroyed Lee Morris in our last Puerto Rican Photo Challenge, Lee is back for revenge. We need your help deciding the winner so please vote in the full article. 

It wasn't long ago that Pye Jirsa from SLR Lounge traveled all the way to Puerto Rico to challenge Lee Morris of Fstoppers for the battle of the photography blogs (you can see that video below). As fate would have it, Lee has found himself on the west coast of the United States so it seemed only fitting for a new battle to take place. 

The genre for this photoshoot shoot challenge is "fitness" and features perhaps the most physically fit wedding photographer in the business, Justin Lin also of Lin and Jirsa Weddings.  Unlike our other photo challenges that pits photographer against photographer to see who can produce the single best image, this competition is a bit different. First off, this is hosted by SLR Lounge so you'll have to subscribe to their Youtube Channel to see the final shoot out video. Second, both Lee and Pye have decided to put up 3 different sets of images and have each set battle head to head. This means the stakes are even higher since this shoot out isn't about just one single photograph but 3 individual shoots.  


Above are the three sets of images. For each set of images, you can vote on who you think took which photograph and then which photo is best of the two. Pye and Lee are filming the reveal tonight so make sure you get your vote in before about 7pm Pacific Time. To make voting easy, all the votes are being hosted and calculated on SLR Lounge's website so make sure you click here to cast your vote

As you saw in the previous Puerto Rico Shootout, Pye is an extremely talented photographer and soon we will see if Lee can break his losing streak with a victory over Mike Kelley in their soon to be released Architectural Shootout.  Stay tuned to both Fstoppers and SLR Lounge to see how Lee does in these two competitions.  

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Nacona Nix's picture

Fill the frame, folks. Image 2 across the board. (Although the lighting is better in Image 1, Set 2).

Jerry Qiu's picture

still waiting for the mike vs lee v2 result.

Patrick Hall's picture

It's exporting right now. It's literally a 61 minute video. Hope it makes the render export all in one piece.

kevin hoehne's picture

Images 2 all the way.

Bill Metallinos's picture

Hope Lee Morris is Image #2 or I'm commented in the wrong page :P

Nick B's picture

Each pair of images has one picture where the model feels too "pretentious", douchy, like folding his arms and looking all serious, or looking in the distance like he's got some intense thought, IE images 1-1, 2-2 and 3-1. The other images are a more interesting play on shadows, so I voted for those. No idea if those three are from the same photographer but it feels like it.

Luke Adams's picture

I preferred image 2 each time.

Miguel Santos Novoa's picture

Someone has to take a professional headshot of Pye... That one is a bad headshot, or probably was taken by Lee? Just kidding... 0:)

Logan Cressler's picture

I agree, poor choice, he has to have better headshots where he doesnt look like he is posed like a 6 year old. No offense Pye or to the photographer (I actually think its a still from video, but whatever).