Fstoppers vs SLR Lounge: Vote For Who You Think Won

Fstoppers vs SLR Lounge: Vote For Who You Think Won

While you are waiting for me to finish the video edit on our last Puerto Rican Photo Challenge, we have a new competition for you guys to judge. This time I take a back seat and let Lee Morris and Pye Jirsa of SLR Lounge battle head to head in the streets of Old San Juan.

For this competition I decided to mix it up a bit and move to the streets of Old San Juan. If you've seen our previous Puerto Rican Photo Challenges, we normally explore areas that are less visited and often overlooked. In this shootout, I decided to explore the most popular area of the island to see what interesting backgrounds and scenes Lee and Pye could find.

So far in the series, we haven't really brought along models or focused on the overall theme or styling, but since Pye is a great portrait photographer and Lee obviously struggles with landscapes, I thought it would be fun to incorporate a local model into this shootout. We were lucky to get the lovely Yuanilie Alvarado to walk with us through the streets, and as you'll see in the upcoming competition video, she brought such a high energy to the entire shoot. Although Lee and Pye took tons of images in all sorts of different scenes, ultimately they both had to cull their images down to one single file to submit for the contest.

Below are the two submissions that we need your help judging who took the best photo? 

Photo 1

Photo 2

Cast Your Vote Now!

I will reveal both photos to Pye and Lee in 24 hours as well as the final readers poll to determine who won this shootout. If you enjoy this content, make sure you subscribe to our Youtube Channel to be notified when these videos are released and also check out the Puerto Rican Photo Challenge Playlist

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Deleted Account's picture

Missing a 3rd option: "None"
I don't like the first because it is out of focus
I don't like the second because of the point of view

Jeremy Lusk's picture

The subject sure looks in focus to me in the first. Unless you thought the focus was supposed to be the bird?

Robert Nurse's picture

I don't think it's focus as much as it is sharpness. #2 is clearly sharper. I agree Jeremy. I don't really like either one. But, having to choose, it would be #2.

Deleted Account's picture

Is that a bird? I thought it was a flying cow

Lenzy Ruffin's picture

Agreed. The first image looks like an unprocessed raw file, so the second wins by default.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

The 1st one is in focus. Granted, the 2nd one is much sharper.

Patrick Hall's picture

Voting NONE on a choice between two images is like dividing by 0!

Deleted Account's picture

And the lesser of two evils (or in this case, poorest of the poor) doesn't tell you what people like. It only shows you what people hate less. These contests seem like content to boost site participation but it's unnecessary.

Deleted Account's picture

Choosing between the bad and the worst is a typical behavior in politics…

Tomas Ramoska's picture

Yes they need to add cow option :)

Daniel Medley's picture

The first is out of focus?

No, it's not. Shallow DOF, for sure, but the subject is clearly in focus by any reasonable standard.

Lino Paul's picture

The first one is shot wide open .. The second one stopped down to get toe to head in focus which makes that photo appealing, I think the second one is a well planned shot .

Jeremy Lusk's picture

Hard to pick. I’d give it to the second because it shows the beauty of old San Juan while the first could be anywhere. Bothers me a little that I can see her bra, and it’s not a particularly flattering angle, but the first just seems a little generic.

Ryan Luna's picture

I already know Pye took #2, because L&J are all about the "Environmental Portrait". Image #1 lacks the "story" that #2 carries. I love wide angle fashion shots, but I'm not liking the ultra low perspective of #2.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

I like the 2nd one. It has more context and I like the point of view.

The 1st one is pretty bland compared to the 2nd. Also, the fingers and thumb and wrist are cut off. Lee must have shot that one. Pye knows better. :P

Deleted Account's picture

I like the edit and feel of #2 more but whenever I see a model with their hands up like that I think of Instagram and Tumblr models. It's movement but it's such an overdone pose. So I voted #1 because it's more natural in its content.

Patrick Hall's picture

You guys saying one is sharper than the other are going mad. Here is a 100% crop of the two images. Obviously one has a greater dof because it's wider than the other but both look sharp to me.

Daniel Medley's picture

Absolutely right. They are both in focus. When I saw people claiming that number one was out of focus I was scratching my head, huh?

Nacona Nix's picture

This site's fans aren't the best folks sometimes.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

Yes, they are both sharp, but, the 2nd one is sharper. Look at her hair for instance. These photos were taken with the same camera and lens. So, when you shoot one at f2.8 and another f5.6, given they are in focus, *more* of the subject shot with the f5.6 will be sharper, as evidenced by these crops...and even the full images.

Patrick Hall's picture

So one isn't sharper, it just has more depth of field.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

It's both. More depth of field and sharper.

It should be common knowledge when you stop down a lens (within reason), it will be sharper and bring out more detail, especially an $800 lens.

No matter how you're trying to measure "sharpness", the subject in the 2nd photo has the appearance of being sharper. That's because she is. Visually and technically.

John Dawson's picture

Look at the edges of the hair. There can't be much of a focal plane difference between her nose and the top of her hair.

Julian Wood's picture

Before you answer bear in mind I have already bought and been through photographer 101 and others a number of times. What's the difference between sharpness and in-focus (ISO aside), to me as a viewer when I look at No 1 (without the crop) is does look out of focus, with the crop it then looks in focus. When I have my eyes tested (overdue now which may be the problem) when the glasses focus correctly everything is sharper and colours don't wash into one and other?

Deleted Account's picture

Yes, seen @ 100% it looks in focus, but still very soft.

Daniel Medley's picture

To my eye, number one is a mishmash of lines and clutter. Plus it's too dark.

Number two is much better; again, to my eye. The reason for me is because it is composed in a manner that makes sense; look at the lines. It draws attention to the subject.

But at the end of the day, it's all subjective.

Michael Steinbach's picture

I voted for 1 (2 has too much tilt distortion). But, I can’t take anything Lee does seriously knowing he works on un calibrated monitors. 😏😂

Patrick Hall's picture

Haha, I mean, you’d be shocked by the number of wildly successful photographers who don’t calibrate their monitors. I actually know more who don’t than I do. 🤷🏻‍♂️

John Dawson's picture

Look! The requisite bird is there in shot #1. 😀

Greg Silver's picture

Not comparing photos.

But as far as websites go, SLR Lounge used to be my goto website for years for articles, news, reviews, etc. With their new format I just couldn't stay on board, that's why Fstoppers is my favorite now.

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