Battle of the Photography Blogs: SLR Lounge Versus Fstoppers

It's another day in Puerto Rico and another photography shootout. Last week, we asked you which photo was better, but today, we take you behind the scenes and reveal the winning images. This is a battle for the photography blogs!

A few days ago, Pye Jirsa from Lin and Jirsa Weddings and SLR Lounge came down to Puerto Rico to visit for his birthday. Little did he know that this day would also mark the day SLR Lounge and Fstoppers would go head to head in an epic shoot-off!

As the reigning three-time champion of this series, I decided we should take to the historic streets of Old San Juan and allow each photographer to explore everything this colonial town has to offer. Would these two wedding photographers be forced to take the best bridal image? No, I had much more interesting plans than that.

Both photographers could only use the gear supplied in a single roller bag I packed from the studio, and they had to photograph one of the most interesting-looking models I have found in Puerto Rico: Yuanilie Alvarado. The "editorial/fashion" theme was lightly suggested, but they could do anything they really wanted. In the end, only two photos would be selected to go head to head, and the Fstoppers community would decide the winner.

A few outtakes from the shoot-out

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Of course, most photographers are familiar with Profoto and their line of high-end studio flashes. I've outlined all the gear below that I packed into the mysterious roller bag that was used on this shoot. If you want the simplest, most beautifully designed and reliable flashes on the market, Profoto has always been the leader in flash photography.

Sony a7 III Mirrorless Camera

Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8 Zoom Lens

Profoto B10 portable flash (2)

Profoto Air Remote TTL (for Sony)

Profoto Zoom Reflector (1)

Profoto 20 degree Honeycomb Grid (1)

Profoto  OCF Color Gel Kit

Profoto 3' Octa Softbox

Profoto Speed Ring

Think Tank Airport Security Roller Bag

Pye and Lee could only use what was packed in this bag

Below are the before and after images from both photographers.

I found it interesting that both photographers wound up with two images that had very similar color palettes despite all the wild colors found in downtown Old San Juan. After all the votes were submitted and tallied, it is with great pleasure to announce Pye Jirsa as the final winner of this contest! For me, it was fun to be behind the camera and document this shootout, but I've heard Pye is already asking to take me on in the next challenge, maybe even in his home turf of Los Angeles. I look forward to that day, hopefully sooner than later.

These shootout videos are an absolute blast, and I'm excited to continue this series as we bring new photographers into the mix. If you haven't already, make sure you subscribe to our channel if you want to see more content like this. Also, feel free to leave your thoughts on this challenge in the comments below and also feel free to give us new ideas for both challengers and themes for these shoots.

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wesjones's picture

I'm loving these photo challenges.

Pieter Batenburg's picture

The girl is the winner because she is very pretty.

Alejandro Penner's picture

We need more of these challenges! Maybe I just love watching Lee Morris lose 🤣... jk... you are secretly my favourite 🤫

Dan Donovan's picture

Okay, you can't complain about Sony menus when you are using it for the FIRST TIME! Once you take time to figure it out, IT IS EASY! You've had YEARS of working with the Nikon and Canon menus!!! I recently switched from Nikon to Sony and watched two videos on the Sony menu system (Tony Northrup and Kevin Raber), plus took time to create custom menu items for what I use frequently. I'm not saying the Sony menu system is perfect, but the cameras are VERY customizable, which means lots of options.

Patrick Hall's picture

That is so not true. I used a Sony a while back and in order to get the EVF to be bright regardless of the settings, I had to go to custom menu and add that feature. It wasn't located in the normal shooting menu. There are lots of little things like that which drive me crazy. -P

Deuce Bradshaw's picture

I have to agree with Patrick. I shot Sony for 3 years and making jumping to Fuji made me notice how much more concise the menus are (though still not perfect).

Matthias Dengler's picture

Wooow, Pye's set is awesome! He definitely submitted the weakest picture in the end. His other shots were so much better! Anyway, I enjoy watching it. And wow, the model is fantastic!

PS: Lee's before-and-after shows repeaters. Not such a Photoshop master as he thinks. (Still, I like you, Lee.)

Patrick Hall's picture

Yeah sometimes he gets sloppy in Photoshop. He'll probably admit that.

Dan Donovan's picture

And Yuanilie Alvarado really has a fantastic look!

Daniel Medley's picture

Kudos to both of you guys. You both did great your model was just awesome. The video was a pleasure to watch.

From what I saw it looks like you could have gone with a number of them.

Thanks for posting this.

Jorge Cevallos's picture

Fstoppers has been my main source of learning for two years now. It is inspiring to see how you can work together with a colleague from another important blog. This teaches us a great lesson on cooperation. Thanks, guys.

J D's picture

Loved the video, going through the camera settings really gives a wonderful technical insight into each of your mindsets as you take photos, and getting lost in the menus is so relatable

Lee I think if it wasn't for the double up of the balcony on the left, the odd half door on the right and the halo/weird lighting emphasis on the pigeon it'd have been WAY WAY closer. It was a contest between good friends presumably with only a small timeframe to edit and submit so a composite was ambitious.
Unfortunate! I think this calls for round 2 (and 3,4,5,6,7,8,9+)

Barry Harley's picture

Love it. Watched the entire video. That says a lot.