Skylum Updates Luminar 4 With New Features and Improved Performance

Skylum Updates Luminar 4 With New Features and Improved Performance

Today, Skylum released the latest update for Luminar, version 4.3, focusing on enhancing the overall experience for creatives through several welcome refinements and performance improvements.

“With its vast AI-centric features, Luminar 4 has become a state-of-the-art program for photographers and other creatives,” said Dima Sytnik, cofounder and CTO of Skylum. “With Luminar 4.3, we continue to optimize the user experience and focus on performance. We know that with this update, post-processing workflows will become faster and will help photographers be able to get started quicker and easier than ever before.”

What's in This update?

Luminar 4.3 can operate as a stand-alone app, or as a plugin for Photoshop or Lightroom. It's available in versions for Windows and macOS. Available as a free update for all current Luminar 4 users, the latest update adds the ability to search photos, a user experience improvement to Looks, 500px integration, a new crop interface, and several performance improvements. It also brings a new space shuttle object, along with several improvements, for the AI Augmented Sky tool. 

Luminar 3 users will also see the search function added in the program’s next update. Other details include faster opening of raw files and less memory usage. There's a nice addition to Luminar Looks, presets that can, with a click, enhance the appearance of an image. Now, just by hovering your mouse over a particular Look, you get an instant preview of your image with the selected Look added.

The Augmented Skies feature has added a new object, a Space Shuttle, and there are improvements in placing objects in your sky. 

In the AI Sky Replacement and AI Augmented Sky tools, photographers can now comfortably access a custom folder of locally stored skies and sky objects. It’s also now easy to copy and paste multiple skies in the sky folder in just a few clicks, for convenient editing.

Luminar 4.3 brings new camera support to recently released cameras. Now, Luminar supports the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III (uncompressed only), FUJIFILM X100V, FUJIFILM X-T200, FUJIFILM X-T4, Leica SL2, Nikon CoolpixP950, Nikon D780, Nikon Z50, Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mark III, Olympus E-PL10, Panasonic DC-S1H, and the Sony A9 Mark II.

Finally, the masking tool is now extremely easy to use, as masked areas are visible mid-process thanks to a transparent red mask. Skylum believes this enhancement will speed editing.

Luminar 4.3 is a free update for Luminar 4 users. There are upgrade deals, and often discounts on Luminar for new users, which is normally $89.00.

Using Luminar 4.3

I took the new version for a spin and did find it more responsive than previous versions running on my iMac. Opening raw files were noticeably better. I sensed some slight improvements in other operations as well, but nothing that was breathtaking. 

I find Luminar best for editing raw files, and their sky replacement technology is best in class when you need it. The AI tools work, but I use them sparingly. Throwing in a Space Shuttle into the augmented sky features seems not worth mentioning. (But I just did.)

I like the ability to hover over a "Look" and quickly see the result, but I'm not a heavy user of the feature, preferring to use my own adjustments on the fly. Novices, however, will really appreciate this new addition.

Experienced users will really appreciate the speed improvements, and perhaps the extended search function in the library, but the Luminar Library functionality is a work in progress and is not yet gong to substitute for the power of the Lightroom Library. 

Novice users will certainly like the overall ease of use Luminar offers, and a lot of the one-click editing features. The AI functions are continuing to be enhanced, and all users benefit from that. Luminar is already part of my workflow, and I expect many other professionals have added it as well. 

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Rather than an update, I would appreciate a single video that shows the screen when someone wants to take 10 photos and batch replace the sky in all of them using the same settings as one would do for real estate listings. I've spent hours on this and can't crack the code. I think a 1-3 minute video could make a lot of Luminar users happy -- and spur new licenses from real estate photographers.

Batch replacement is probably not technically feasible. Besides the placement (Luminar still does not allow this) and finer corrections, the detection and replacement can slip up on certain images as I have demonstrated in a short video along with workarounds for the same...

This is very helpful - Thanks. Luminar insists batching is possible by editing one photo and syncing it with the others. But I can't even find a sync button. And half the time I go to replace a sky, the options are all grayed out.You used to be able to copy and paste your settings and just knock them all out in a row, but that doesn't happen anymore either.

Thanks for the workarounds!

The performance improvement is quite visible. I made a short video on this yesterday...

I'm sure nobody is going to question all these ne space shuttles in photos 🙄

I bought all versions of Luminar, and do not use it. I had high hopes for Luminar as a replacement for lightroom.
For me it looks more and more as a lot of gimmicks, instead of a solid work flow and I need xrite support.

I recently got it at 4.2. It's nowhere close to being a DAM. Does not even show crop values and other basic stuff is also missing, but, it's the best for quick work including sky replacements which I use for BIFs. Also has portrait/landscape and some more which are quite useful. Good to use with LR or another DAM.

ON1 seems to be on the right track though...Just some hiccups now since they had to release 360/cloud version and ignored existing bugs.

Cool story but they are absolute garbage at writing upgrade software. This has happened to me with them over and over and over and I am not using any esoteric hardware, OS or setup.

I saw quite a few users complaining of the same on Windows at the forums. I updated on my iMac and Macbook Pro w/o any issues so far...