Time-Lapses That Wet Your Saliva Glands

Time-Lapses That Wet Your Saliva Glands

Takashi Aizu is based in Japan and makes mouthwatering time-lapses of his baking. He sets up his iPhone 6s, and documents the process and reaction of the specific dough to become breads, croissants, or baguettes. We often take the beauty of the croissant we get at Starbucks for granted, but here we can actually see how much knowledge, patience, and effort goes into baking and what the process looks like when you get it fresh and hot out of the oven. It’s a simple process concept, but he has over 25,000 followers on Instagram, and his baking is obviously rated as very good in Japan.

What I’ve learned From Takashi’s Time-Lapse Process:

It’s the Simple Ideas That Have Impact

The easier it is to understand and enjoy, the easier it is for people to share, talk about, and remember. It doesn’t take a lot of time to set up the camera, or in his case, the iPhone, and it’s fun to experience it for himself and obviously to share with his client-base.

Consistency Is the Winning Characteristic of Any Successful Brand

If you can deliver a consistent message around your brand, whether it is the behind the scenes of your shoots, or a short Snap Story of your day out in Iceland on a photographic project, it’s part of your customer and potential customer experience of what work you deliver and what they can expect from you and your service that you provide. He doesn’t only post time-lapses. He shoots photos of his baking too, and of the store and what you can expect when you get there. He makes it very easy to want to go there. You don’t have to be the best in the industry to build your name, get the bookings, and have clients calling. If you deliver a consistent working style, you become memorable, and potential clients will feel they know what style to expect when they do call. How can consistency become part of your social marketing strategy?


This is a very simple time-lapse process, and it’s because of its simplicity that it made me think of ways to use this for myself. I’m coming to the end of my trip in Paris, and although I’ve taken all the photographs, time-lapses, and video I wanted to, I’m not sure I shared the processes in the best way possible. So I’ll surely be planning to have a sharing strategy before I embark on the next trip. It’ll be something I will enjoy producing as part of my work, and something others will enjoy experiencing. What do you do to portray a consistent brand message? Please send it through in the comments.

If you want to see more from Takashi, follow him on Instagram.

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