About FS Forum And Our Monthly Contest


As many of you know our forum has been acting a bit unusual lately. We finally figured out that we had a couple of things go wrong. Our server with Godaddy.com actually failed and we lost a full months worth of database info. That means that all posts and accounts created in the last 30 days were lost. Right after that, our forum was infected with a virus (I didn't even know this was possible) and we had more issues with that. Long story short; we finally have everything fixed but a few of you will need to create accounts all over again.

If you posted a picture for our September contest, that was also lost and you will need to repost that image. As you know, the winner of that contest gets to have a banner advertising their site on the top of Fstoppers.com and to sweeten the pot even more Photoflex has offered to give a LiteDome XS kit away to the winner as well. Please post your "motion" themed images here.

I apologize for all of the issues. Fstoppers.com has been growing at a rapid pace which is a good thing but we are having growing pains.

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Glad you have got it Fixed :)

Well my submission is made! Finger crossed! :)