The Battle At F-Stop Ridge

I don't think we have ever had a video submitted to us more than the one below. The Camera Store created a great promo video in which a battle takes place with cameras instead of guns.

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 OMG! Soooo funny!!! Im ready for the "Front line" 

How do you know who's winning? 

 Hilarious... glad you finally decided to post.

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This is awesome, I was waiting for them to throw a flash as a grenade and sure enough it happened! :) 

 saw this on peta pixel, very funny

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 This is so funny...i like how they used the flash as a 

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 Haha good one :D

 LoL... the flash grenade was epic :))

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Just great!

Pretty funny!  Some friends of mine did one very similar just with super 8 cameras a few years ago. Won the Converse commercial contest with it.

Wow that video is fantastic. Great editing.  

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 "Permission to speak freely, SIR!"

(oops, got me into military mode it worked so well)

 hahah awesome! Chris Nichols was one of my photography instructors, i shop at this store all the time. Great to see local stuff!

 This made my day ha ha - TOO good!

 This is awesome I know everyone in the video as I shop there all the time, great bunch of guys and a good effort with the video. 

ha! fun idea.. i like the link above with the super 8 cameras even better-- good job

 great idea! we should all take photography so seriously :)

 Awesome idea. Hopefully some more to come.

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Awesome! This totally made my day!