This Camera Phone Ad Is Hilarious, But Sadly Not Too Far From Reality

If you have been to any sort of performance in the last few years, I think you'll recognize some of the people in this commercial. Crowds who take pictures with their smart phones, holding them up to reveal a sea of illuminated rectangles, often distracting an artist or blocking the views of others. This commercial takes this issue to an unreal level, but it's actually not that far off.

I think the guy with the mustache who sneaks on stage as a flower (check at :30) is my favorite.

Plenty of artists have made statements about people in the crowd taking pictures or video, and on Prince's latest tour, management posted signs explicitly banning cell phones, video, and photography.

I've personally been to shows where the artist went with a more interesting route... about 4 songs into his set, Mayer Hawthorne told the crowd to get out their phones and take pictures now, that this was the "instagram" part of the show. He then went on to freeze in various poses with his band around the stage, while everyone clicked away. About 2 minutes into it, he said he hoped to see those on the internet later. And then, he very respectfully asked that since now everyone now had a great photo, would they please put their cameras away and enjoy the rest of the show. A very classy move, and a smart one at that. It totally worked, and the band launched into a few slower songs. It was noticeable that people actually did put their phones away at his request.

Here's an article that talks about that show.

Personally, I haven't done much research into this camera err.... phone.... so I don't know if how they show it being used in the ad is legitimate, but my guess is that it's not really a solution to this inconvenience. I do enjoy that it's poking fun though, because sometimes people need to relax. Especially after reading some of the heated comments coming from yesterday's article about photographers getting in the way of videographers. Maybe they just need to use the Lumia like the couple in this ad? Kidding of course!

Do you have any funny or otherwise awkward stories from a time when you or someone else were using a phone and taking pictures at a show? Or how about a solution to the crowds of cameraphone-ographers? Let me know below.

For the record, I have no affiliation with Nokia.

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Paul Kremer's picture

I am intensely annoyed at how EVERYTHING must be recorded now. Remember when you could just go to a show and enjoy it? Now everyone must take a crappy video with their phone. The picture quality is awful and so is the sound, but hey, at least you didn't really get to enjoy the show because you were filming instead of experiencing.

Peter Kertz's picture

Lighten up and worry about you. Perhaps someone is enjoying themselves and want to capture that moment. The best camera is the one you have.

EnticingHavoc's picture

The "best camera" saying is probably one of the most stupid tropes I've ever heard. NO IT'S NOT. A crappy shot is a crappy shot ... and it's worthless if you have a certain predisposition for at least a minimum level of quality.

Doug Gray's picture

Well, you know, unless you want to have something other than a memory years down the road. Even a "crappy" cell phone picture could provide you with something to have from that experience, even if it isn't something you are going to be able to sell to someone else or get hung up in a museum. Not everyone has the same outlook as you do. And that is ok.

Stephen Clampitt's picture

LOL-I think I just heard your head explode.
It's about creating memories. Few people care about the quality-it's the sentimental value of the memory.
Do yourself a favour. Ask your Gran or Granpa, Auntie or uncle to breakout the family photo album. Then sit and LISTEN as the memories come flooding forth. No Gran or family photo album? Get down to the next Flea Market and look at the old photos there.
In the aftermath of some natural disasters you'll find people scouring through the wreckage looking for the family photos-that's how powerful those crap pictures are to people.
I wouldn't expect you to understand that the best camera is the one at hand. One day you will. Until then-make some memories!

Chris's picture

I never heard my Grandpa or Grandma ever reminiscent about a musical act or theater presentation they saw. So, getting upset at those people who stick their stupid smart devices into the air and distract the rest of us who actually want to enjoy the show isn't wrong. For years I could count on going to a show and just enjoying it. Now I have to wonder if I'll be able to with all the stupid little screens blocking my view.

Stephen Clampitt's picture

Sunshine... you missed the point entirely. Sentimentality takes many forms-one of which upsets you no end. It's a sign of the times-you're no dinosaur.
Those little blue screens make nice additions to a picture-like little fire flies. That ice blue screen can light up a friends face with the band bathed in fire orange light (see? blue-orange combo. sound familiar?) Come on now- you're the photographer, aren't you? Figure it out-work 'em to your advantage! Make some memories!
What's more annoying is listening to people complain or reading their posts in which they carry on about "stupid smart phones" blocking their view.
Not really interested in any more discussion with you on this topic.

Spy Black's picture

Peter, Doug, DesertSeas, Chris, it's YOU GUYS that have it all wrong. Just watch this, and you'll understand:

EnticingHavoc's picture

The Nokia add is a gross UNDERstatement of what actually is going on. And what's actually so saddening ... the quality of this footage is so depressingly awful that hardly can you look at this crap for more than a few seconds.

But that's by far not all ... watch all the douches who held their cams in portrait mode.

Roger L. Zamora Chávez's picture

looks like an apple fan is P-I-S-S-E-D

Jordan Butters's picture

Lets keep this one out of the fan boy zone. Life's too short.

Jonathan Menga's picture

the guy in the ceiling + the flower lmao

Dave Wallace's picture

This is amazing! Thanks Mike

Derricklytle's picture

That blue at the end brings back memories of the blue screen of death.

Tijmen Dal's picture

Just watching this video makes me lose hope.

behindthecamera's picture

The worst part about this ad? MicroNokia seem to indicate that the best solution for the problem of "too many cameras at an event" is...ANOTHER CAMERA. Sad.

Nick Viton's picture

RE: Poses for photos

I think Aziz Ansari did it first when opening his Dangerously Delicious tour. Check it out;

Attila Volgyi's picture

The greatest problem with this ad is high res and zoom ability won't solve the user error causing the pushing and will be able to zoom onto the others standing in front of you - so they will join the fight to get a clear view - and yes sadly everyone wants to photograph himself.

Bilal Jaffery's picture

yet the phone doesn't have instagram? ;)