Brandon Myles White takes a hit or two

Warning, this is probably the poorest shot BTS video we have ever posted but I think the concept is pretty interesting. I always find the type of images you see in muscle magazine and men's magazines pretty interesting mainly because they usually contain a lot of motion and action. Check out Brandon Myles White as he takes fall after fall while trying to capture a Last Action Hero style leap. Too bad this wasn't shot a bit better with some insight from the photographer.

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Yosh's picture

sriously you just waisted 1:06 seconds of my life.
I would pull it down. i learnt nothing from this except that the guy with the big boobs has never done anything acrobatic! well dah my 2 year old jumps higher then that!

Patrick Hall's picture

Is it that bad Yosh? I know the audio isn't great and it is ONLY 1 minute long; just thought it was a simple photoshoot with an easy idea that could inspire our readers to try something different.

Donnie Bell Design's picture

I think it's cool, visually, just hard to understand the audio. But it looks like a fun shoot.

Daniel's picture

Its not all that inspiring...I'm sure they got some keepers but (and I don't want to be negative) this video is not something that I have come to expect or desire from fstoppers---we all live and learn

keep pushing forward.

Lee Morris's picture

Ahaha! in the future we will try to stay away from videos with manboobage

Tomas Piliponis's picture

Is it me or it is Leica S2... :)

Yosh's picture

Yeh i think its that bad, as Daniel above wrote i just expect more from your content, im not trying to be Negative its just that i have been so impressed and learnt so much from your site so far that i didnt think this vid does you guys and your site justice.
I thank you for your hard work getting suff out there for all of us to see.

Midan's picture

the video quality on this video is as if it has been recorded off the TV. yet the concept of the shots is really nice.