What Happens When Joey L, Dani Diamond, Brandon Woelfel, and Jessica Kobeissi Photograph the Same Model

It’s already the fourth time Jessica Kobeissi got together with three other photographers to challenge themselves on a shoot. Each artist is given the opportunity to choose the outfit and location for one set, and then everyone has to come up with something in their own style. For this episode, the photographers were Joey L, Brandon Woelfel, Dani Diamond, and Jessica Kobeissi. Each having a very different photographic style, the video is quite entertaining.

Bringing multiple photographers to a shoot and have them shoot a similar concept, model, outfit, or location isn’t particularly new, however, when the whole thing is timed, it makes things even more interesting. In the challenge, Kobeissi regularly brings to her YouTube channel, the goal is for each photographer to work with the same model — Charlotte McKee in this episode — wearing the outfit in the location chosen by one of the four other photographers. Thus, each photographer shoots four different sets. At the end, the images remains anonymous unless you read the video description on YouTube.

Without a doubt, when watching the video, you’ll notice that each photographer creates very distinct images but also that each one of them has a different way of working. While the experience of Joey L as a commercial photographer shows through his calm and considered action, someone like Kobeissi who’s more extrovert shoots very fast and by moving around a lot. There isn’t a correct way of working, but it’s clear that the images produced by each one of them are only the reflexion of how they work on set. Without even knowing who created what shot, it’s very easy to guess.

What did you think of this challenge? Is it something you would like to see more of? Do you feel it’s interesting to compare different photographers or it’s only a way to promote their respective social media channels? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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Quentin Décaillet is a photographer and retoucher based in Switzerland specializing in portrait and wedding photography.

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Lol. Joey L. Good video.

I think everyone did great for being on the spot.

Funny how easy it was to pick your shots out of the 4, even though on the last "dark" shot you could see you were a bit out of your comfort zone and missed a background object to attach to the model ;) but none the less a "typical" Dani shot, loved them, as I did the other photo`s, even though I never seen a shot from them there photo`s were also easy to pick ;)

Of course you know we love your work Dani and the fact that it is so easy to recognize is a sign of someone who not only has a talented eye but also a unique style.

That being said, I was really impressed with Brandon's work too. I think both of you really rose to the top for this challenge and knocked it out of the park!

Maybe I'm being a little biased but I loved your photos the most :). It's just your style, I really like it.

It was actually fascinating being able to decisively pick out everybody's shots knowing their styles. Well done to all. Quick thing though... was Joey like... daydreaming or something?

Joey was just chillin. lol.

Well done to all, intriguing concept that makes for a fun watch...

that was just awkward hahahaha.

It was a great video indeed, I enjoyed Joey's approach, He treats each frame with care.

It also opened my eye that sometimes sticking to a certain "look" is not a good thing in my opinion, There was not much to look forward to that i have no seen in previous works.

This just shows off Joey's brilliance. The difference between a trendy, pretty, instagram picture, and an actual portrait. Not dissing the other photographers but there is a reason Joey is a world class photographer, and it shows.

well done, but I don't like instagram filter style of photographers today. Its seems bored to me.

3 instagrammers and 1 photographer.
That isn't to harp on any of them, I really enjoy both Dani and Brandon's work, but Joey is on a whole other level.

Savage. lol.

I have to say that Charlotte seems like a lovely person. Very spunky and fun :)

Quentin dude!, Thanks for sharing this learning video with tons of secrets lol. I like how they all have a style and majestic presence in their images. I liked Jessica's warmth, vibe and style, Dani approach on locations and bokehlicious portrait lighting, Brandon's cool props and unique creative lighting effects, Joeys command and calm inspiring storytelling. It doesn't matter where there images are shown, they are true to their vision and we get to see. It's like complaining your free beer is in a glass instead of a solo cup...lol smh at these comments. Jessica you rule for organizing this video, I am grateful!