Four Big Instagram Names Challenge Themselves to Shoot the Same Model

Jessica Kobeissi is back once again to challenge some big name Instagrammers to photograph the same model in just five minutes in their signature style.

This time round the experiment featured Brandon Woelfel, Jerry Maestas, and Derrick Fresk. Kobeissi decided to switch things up from last time, allowing each photographer to pick the location and outfit for their shoot and then all involved would have a go with that set-up. Although the model stayed the same all other shoot variables changed four times which makes for a much more interesting set of final images.

It's great to watch some of the participants struggle when faced with an environment outside of their comfort zone. Not only does it produce a more entertaining video it's a good reminder to us all that we should be pushing ourselves creatively. I also think this format of group shooting is a cool way to learn if you are just starting out in photography. Not only will you be able to give each other support, you'll also be able to share kit and the cost of a model too.

As the video doesn't tell you who's final images were whose I have included this spoiler below:

Outfit One
J.1 - Jessica
J.2 - Derrick
J.3 - Jerry
J.4 - Brandon

Outfit Two
JR.1 - Brandon
JR.2 - Derrick
JR.3 - Jessica
JR.4 - Jerry

Outfit Three
D.1 - Jessica
D.2 - Brandon
D.3 - Derrick
D.4 - Jerry

Outfit Four
B.1 - Brandon
B.2 - Jessica
B.3 - Jerry
B.4 - Derrick

Once I knew who shot what I was actually surprised that my favorite final images were not necessarily from the photographer who was responsible for the location and outfit choice. I'd be interested to hear what other people thought, leave a message after the beep.

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Surprisingly the shots don't look that different from each other. Instagram photographers shoot what is popular on their platform.

Fair point Antti, they should have asked us two instead! ;)

Haha, I'm in :)

Instagram, while being a great marketing/exposure tool, is usually one enormous pandering machine.

I have never been on Instagram. Are "Instagram" photographers a big deal?

Um, we prefer the term Professional Content Creators, friend.

Oh. I was going by the terminology of the article. So you guys get paid for that? Where does the revenue come from?

The car shot that Derrick had is really good, and I like what he did with the string lights (the only way that prop could be more played out would be if they made everyone put it in a jar). But why did everyone just shoot natural light? Just to be different, I would have used OCF somewhere in there...

Great point! throw a gel'ed light into that last room and you've got something totally different.

If they insisted on the same conditions I would have gratuitously avoided the bed...

I dread one day reading one of these and recognising one of the "big names"

I thought Instagram was for mobile phone cameras.... Am I missing something here? Clearly...

I knew I had lived too damn long. Dear God... take me now! Please take me now!