Calumet Photo is Coming Back!

Calumet Photo is Coming Back!

According to ThePhoblographer, Calumet Photo was recently bought out by C&A Marketing and is set to become operational again in the very near future. Currently, C&A is looking in to how they can re-activate the online web services and possibly opening up some of the actual stores. Rentals, repairs, sales, and much more should be making a comeback from Calumet Photo.

In case you forgot, Calumet Photo closed their doors in early March of this year and left everyone with a very sad update on Facebook. They filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in the US so doors were immediately shut leaving customers and even employees shocked. People were left wondering what would happen next with their rentals, current repairs out at the store, online orders, and much more. Honestly, I think some people may still be waiting for answers. But, as of now we may be seeing a bit of light shining down on a brighter future for Calumet Photo. With C&A Marketing having bought them, the store could make a comeback. "For everyone that had repairs and rentals though, they’re recommending that you check out Calumet’s website (once again though, when it activates.)"

Calumet Photographic Fstoppers Calumet Photographic U.S. Stores CLOSED

C&A Marketing is the same company that bought out Ritz Camera when they closed as well. So, they already have some background with this scene. I think that will help them a lot.  With plans of re-opening some of the stores, not all of them, I think they are going to start seeing business pick up. At the same time, I think it will be a slow climb back to the top with some customers hesitant after what just happened. Overall, I am definitely excited for this and I hope the best for them!

[via ThePhoblographer]


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hopefully chicago opens

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I can't help but be cynical about hearing this news. In the last month I've learned that Calumet hired the exact same Ritz Camera executives a year out from declaring bankruptcy because Ritz Camera did such a good job ordering new inventory right before announcing Bankruptcy. Basically they took out huge lines of credit from everyone from Nikon to Canon to Sony and Olympus and then once they had their store filled they filed chapter 11 and then chapter 7. They then liquidated everything to the highest bidder and actually did this TWICE. David Ritz bought his own company back from chapter 7 under a slightly new Corporation. Years and Years ago I was a Ritz employee and saw this all go down.

So while the headline looks promising, I'm afraid this might be more of the same like we saw from Ritz Camera. I feel bad for the major camera manufacturers who have been stuck having to write off millions in lost gear that both Ritz and Calumet have basically stolen.

Anyone know who the head execs of C&A Marketing are? Hopefully not the same goons.

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Sons of Bitches! Just googled C&A Marketing and guess what.....freaking Ritzpix and Ritz Imaging are both part of their umbrella!

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Calumet Hollywood hadn't carried Olympus products for years, and when I asked why they always said Olympus was not cooperative with their requests. I've been shopping there for at least fifteen years and just a few years ago they seem to have turned the store over to a new manager. I always felt something was wrong and that they were just setting him up to fail. It's a real shame what's happened to them. Not sure if I feel bad for them but I'm sad for me!

Thanks for the background info on the bankruptcy!

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Great, so they can continue selling preposterously overpriced used film gear.

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Well, I can tell you, being a former Calumet (and Ritz) employee, that it would be extremely unwise to hire the same corporate executives that ran Calumet and Ritz. It so happens that a former Ritz exec was hired as regional manager of Calumet. He really knew nothing about the industry and had a few short comings as far as social etiquette and how he treated his employees. And as a poor judge in character, he brought in some of the worst former Ritz employees to work at Calumet. His partner in crime, also a former Ritz exec, took over as president ( Taking care of their workers was not in their best interest. Before them, was an account executive that knew nothing of the industry and hired top level positions within friends and family. And those people were severely unqualified. Let's hope that C&A (who just purchased Calumet) puts the RIGHT people in position. CalPhotoUS doesn't need to own this market anymore. In addition, the arrogance and drama that lies within that group is part of the problem that led to Calumet's demise. Let's hope the judge realizes this.