[Gear] Visualante Introduces New Skate-Inspired Camera Bags

Today Stockholm-based camera accessory brand Visualante announced the impending launch of their new line of skate-inspired camera bags. Five new bags will be available in Fall/Winter of 2012. In a highly competitive industry (especially here in the USA, but maybe it is different in Europe), it will be interesting to see what these bags bring to the table that isn't already out there. We've got the full rundown of currently available information.

From the official press release:

"Inspired by its street and skate heritage, camera accessories brand Visualante is about to release their second line of camera bags. With these products, Visualante wants to reform the monochromatic and stale photography and video market with a more expressive design. All bags have features tailored for the streets and will be available at photo/video specialists, as well as skate and streetfashion stores, worldwide fall/winter 2012.

'We have worked very hard the last year and a half and are very enthusiastic about bringing these products to the market. In our opinion, photography and videography is part of a creative mindset, but there is nothing interesting on the market, in terms of camera accessories, for people who want to express that. With our camera bags and other camera accessories, we want to give them that option.' says Jakob Wictorén, CEO of Visualante.

About: Visualante was started in 2009 by a collective of creative minds out of Stockholm that want to reform the monochromatic photography and videography industry. Bringing street and skate heritage and imposing its values on the company and its products."


The bags range in price between €40.00 and €190.00, depending on the model. You can look over the product specs and full line of bags in more detail on the Visualante Website.

On first impressions, what do you guys think? Are you interested? Do you look for this kind of style in a camera bag? Sound off in the comments section below.

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Firstly, I don't see what's it so different compared to the new Incase Camera Bags 2012. It's just a bunch of rip off ideas taken from elsewhere and being put together to produce a bag. I dig the idea of the sling bag though, having to fit 2-3 lenses and a camera body + a laptop. Something that I can't seem to fit it in any other bag beside a backpack but the backpack was made for a purpose, to sustain and support heavy equipment from our shoulder, using a sling bag with that amount of item in it could literally make one suffer through out the day. Especially, photographers who are on the move. Oh, and the colors are damn crappy. Bright yellow, blue and neon green? The last thing I wouldn't want is me grabbing the attention of the whole world on my bag and with a bunch of expensive equipment in it that could increase the chances of getting stolen away.

Some poeple don't buy for functionnality. Some poeple just want to flash. :S

Well Sulhan, these guys have been making camera bags since before Incase, so there goes your theory. Anyways, design will always divide people.

I couldn't agree much more but a company that existed earlier doesn't mean they are the one that who invented it first hand, and in this case they aren't. Please pardon me for bringing this up from the first comment that I've made. I just can't relate to this bag at all. 

Jens Marklund's picture

Very interesting! I live in Stockholm, and haven't heard anything about this brand before. 

Glad I could help share the info!

That's "skate" inspired? Who on earth did their market research? As a member of the skate culture I'm actually offended by this design, if anything these were made for teenagers. No photographer who has any self decency would ever walk around toting one of these flashy bags. 

Just buy a kata bag, they were designed for military photojournalists and it shows.

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I like the incase backpack, the grey is quite stylish and it has that lowepro flipback access for the rest, I'm paranoid like a traveler to china. I'm not a skater, so what do I know.