Chicago Meetup Sat June 4th: Sweetwater Tavern and Grille

As many of you know, Lee and I are currently hanging out in Chicago working on a future Fstoppers video. Whenever we travel, we like to meet as many photographers as possible and share some stories over a few beers (or wings if you are underage). We've gotten a lot of suggestions and called a ton of places. It looks like the meetup is going to be Saturday, June 4th at the SweetWater Tavern and Grille downtown at 225 N. Michigan Avenue. We are going to show up at 9PM and they serve food all night so feel free to grab some grub as well. We'd love to hang out so we hope we can meet a lot of our Chicago readers. See you guys on Saturday...and we will let you know what we were shooting :)

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Does that have anything to do with Sweetwater 420 from atlanta?
One of my fab beers!!
When you guys coming back to NYC?

Patrick Hall's picture

Doubt it, two different like blueberry beer?

na not a fan of the berry beer variety.. Glad you guys are doing well! how long b4 you make it back to sunny NYC?

Dude when are you guys going to do something in NY or NJ.
Corey had talked about doing something but I'm still waiting to hear about that.

Patrick Hall's picture

We have NYC meetups like every 3 months!

What about Portland sometime?  :)

You guys doing special requests now ? So how about Montreal ? :p

Bangladesh anyone?

See you guys there!

M's picture

China? Lets do China next year... lol.

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Everyone at the meet up was talking about the posts by "M" and I had no idea what they were talking about.  We all figured you deleted them.  

heard you met my partner in crime Patrick..... when you doing a meet up in Toronto???? i'll set it up... haha

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We need a reason to come to Toronto...when we have something going on up there we will def set it up!  Yeah Patrick was a cool cat...wish he could have hung out longer